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January 26, 2015

wtg122A strange talent of mine? Helping people find their personal overall style. Not just in fashion- but in life. So I’m bringing back the Who’s that Girl posts. This one features some goodies from my close friend’s new shop, Manor. Hope it inspires you:

Who’s that girl?

1) She only wears one pair of hoops but they are gooooood. 2) She’s hopelessly drawn to blue. 3) She likes puzzles. 4) She wears black Balenciaga. 5) She’s fierce. 6) She’s from the south. 7) She likes a boy named Henry. 8) She layers jewelry with precision. 9) She’s a little shady. 10) The only floral she’ll carry is men’s Givenchy. 11) She believes in the power of crystals. 12) She loves a 2 o’clock nap.

Be that girl. Links below and more at Manor :



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