{ the victoria’s secret fashion show cookies }

December 17, 2014

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The Victoria’s Secret team gave me an experience I won’t forget, so I gave them cookies, and not just regular old cookies, Whipped Bakeshop cookies.

The VS team took the time to treat me like an angel among the actual angels, so I called up Zoe at Whipped Bakeshop and we cooked up the perfect combination of thank you cookies. Booties, bustiers, VS robes, a pink telephone booth, a heart with sparkly wings, and we couldn’t forget my artwork – can’t believe she got all of the watercolor details to show up on these!!! I think we came up with the very perfect collection of treats for a special thank you. Hope they taste as good as they look and that the Victoria’s Secret team receives them safe and sound.
Have a special thank you of your own to send? Call Zoe at Whipped Bakeshop ( and duh call me if you need help with the sweet ideas )


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