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March 4, 2015

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Still wearing these Samantha Wills stacks. I am just in love with the way they mix. As I mentioned here, I am going through this thing where I pile up on one designer. Very literally. What’s nice about this grouping I picked out for myself is that I can wear just one, one set or all pile them on in a million ways. It’s important for me b/c I’m an artist and am indecisive with my accessories. Sometimes I want a lot, and sometimes just a little. With this group I have all of my options.


” I don’t know how to mix my jewelry, Dallas.”

Stop it, and make it simple: Choose 5 fingers. Decorate those and then mix mix mix.

Below, the goodies I invested in from Samantha Wills in case you want to simplify even further and just copy my set. I’m fine with it and so is she.

1) I started with these ring set because it was my favorite by far. { aztec dreaming ring set in lapis. The rose gold mixed with the deep blue & diamonds got me. Good job SW. }

2) And then I picked it up in two colors. Because- mixing is my jam. { aztec ring , in turq }

3) Then two more pieces but this time larger. But kept the two shades in rose gold and gold for mixing. { Adventure state ring & my heart’s infinity }

4) a couple of plain stacking rings that match the adventure state to finish it off.  { tomorrow’s moon stacking rings }


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