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June 29, 2016

One of the first changes I decided to make on this blog, was getting back to sharing my very favorite things with you. Sometimes, the team and I get so busy here in the office with design projects that I don’t actually get a change to sit down and share the products that I love so much.


Therefore today, I’m choosing Aerin Lauder‘s new candle collection. I’ve been a fan of hers since meeting the team a few years ago, and learning about our shared passion for perfect packaging. I love a design perfectionist–so Aerin and I are probably best friends.

Of course, it was the packaging that swayed me when I saw the new candle collection. Watercolor floral boxes? (Yes–and why didn’t I get to paint these this. Call me please team Lauder.) If I were giving these as gifts I wouldn’t even need to wrap – but I’m keeping these sweet scents for my own space today. It’s raining outside which is IMHO the best time to light a new scent because it makes being stuck indoors a little less gray and a little more relaxing.
As a designer and artist I spend long hours in the office which can make you feel a little crazy so I try to make a peaceful ritual out of my start each day. Every single day I have a least one candle lit in office. It’s my daily luxury and I truly think that it brightens my mood while helping me focus.

I added Caffarella Vine this  to the office console first. When you remove the outer blue-leaf patterned box you’ll find another box holding the gold lid which also acts as stand (making any space in your home instantly the perfect space). Inspired by the Parco Della Caffarella in Rome this scent is a fresh, woody floral. It’s strong which I love and actually smells as if I have fresh cut spring flowers in the room.

I’m saving the L’ Ansecoy Orange Blossom for mid summer. It’s a fresh, clean scent; airy with citrus notes. I didn’t get to try the other scents just yet, but you know I will. I’m going to need these boxes as office decor. Until then, I added this illustration inspired by the collection.

Beautiful job Aerin, on yet another beautiful collection.


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