{ photo fun w/ Alison Conklin }

April 15, 2015


I spend most of my time bts for wok. Drawing, designing and directing visuals. But every now and then, companies want me to appear in a product shots and when that happens I call up Alison Conklin. She has been a long time friend and I learn so much from working with her. When shoots happen with Alison we have some fun. Faces are made, Miley Cyrus is played and sometimes corsages are worn of heads after we shoot- but somehow she always captures the prettiest moments.

The photo above is one of my favorites from the last time she was here. Yes that’s my birthday corsage (by sullivan owen) and the essie matt black polish I’m still desperately trying to figure out. If you are in the area, or maybe even if you’re not, Alison’s your girl.


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