{ My must-visit lunch when visiting CA… }

July 6, 2016

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A few weeks ago, I got to visit with some amazing people (both the Caroline Herrera and Disney teams) out in California for work. When we rolled up to the Beverly Hills Hotel I knew I was about to experience some true Hollywood glamour. Because I’m a design geek I spent some time just admiring the outside of the hotel and maybe one of the most on-point logos of all time.

As I walked through the hotel and down the corridor – a path coated in
A cool salmon pink, trimmed in green with  brass accents – I knew this place was designed for me. While I can’t share much about the hotel aside from that walk to the restaurant, I was sure it was designed just for me.

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The Beverly Hills Cabana Cafe is someplace I was hoping to get some time to visit so when we were invited in by the delightful team there I literally adjusted our entire week schedule in order to find a way to breakfast in this Cali institution.
I brought a friend along and we decided to start out morning off with cocktails. (We got caught up in the ambience. Seemed like the thing.) I had an Instagram-Worthy vodka and watermelon choice, because I can’t resist a good ombré. We enjoyed our egg breakfasts in the most glamorous shaded booth. While relaxing on the striped cushions, we took in the pink walls covered with perfectly manicured climbing ivy, and admired the mirrored sconces over each table. To our left- the most charming grouping of tables, which led to the hotel‘s iconic pool. I wanted to cancel the rest of my day, grab my white high waisted bikini and make myself a part of the scene but unfortunately after the most glam brekkie ever we were forced to switch to coffee because we had some work to tend to.

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Thank you for having me in team Bev Hills. I can’t imagine how glam the rest of the place is- but fully intend to check it out when I come back to Cali on the book
Press tour later in the year.

five bold textures to try in 2016

July 4, 2016

If your life me, you are always looking for something interesting to set you apart. Sometimes its a pop of neon, or a pair of mirrored shades. Recently, It’s been texture. I’m always added them to my illustrations for an extra sparkle or pop–why not apply it to real life? It doesn’t have to be something crazy, but just a little something. Beads, sparkles, studs, or even fringe, like this awesome YSL jacket.


Check out my pinterest for some pinspiration and how-to.


{ So you want to get someone a beautiful gift.. }

June 29, 2016

One of the first changes I decided to make on this blog, was getting back to sharing my very favorite things with you. Sometimes, the team and I get so busy here in the office with design projects that I don’t actually get a change to sit down and share the products that I love so much.


Therefore today, I’m choosing Aerin Lauder‘s new candle collection. I’ve been a fan of hers since meeting the team a few years ago, and learning about our shared passion for perfect packaging. I love a design perfectionist–so Aerin and I are probably best friends.

Of course, it was the packaging that swayed me when I saw the new candle collection. Watercolor floral boxes? (Yes–and why didn’t I get to paint these this. Call me please team Lauder.) If I were giving these as gifts I wouldn’t even need to wrap – but I’m keeping these sweet scents for my own space today. It’s raining outside which is IMHO the best time to light a new scent because it makes being stuck indoors a little less gray and a little more relaxing.
As a designer and artist I spend long hours in the office which can make you feel a little crazy so I try to make a peaceful ritual out of my start each day. Every single day I have a least one candle lit in office. It’s my daily luxury and I truly think that it brightens my mood while helping me focus.

I added Caffarella Vine this  to the office console first. When you remove the outer blue-leaf patterned box you’ll find another box holding the gold lid which also acts as stand (making any space in your home instantly the perfect space). Inspired by the Parco Della Caffarella in Rome this scent is a fresh, woody floral. It’s strong which I love and actually smells as if I have fresh cut spring flowers in the room.

I’m saving the L’ Ansecoy Orange Blossom for mid summer. It’s a fresh, clean scent; airy with citrus notes. I didn’t get to try the other scents just yet, but you know I will. I’m going to need these boxes as office decor. Until then, I added this illustration inspired by the collection.

Beautiful job Aerin, on yet another beautiful collection.

{ Dallas Shaw x Subtle Stunner }

June 27, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I love to feel natural in the summer. Simple hues go so nicely with freshly bronzed skin. All you really need is a little shimmer, right? Well for those of you who can’t go bare skinned–try my favorite nude look! Simple and sweet.



{ 1. eyeshadow palette }  { 2. gel shadow }  { 3. shadow }  { 4. loose shadow }  { 5. eye tint }  { 6. shadow pencil }

{ Dallas Shaw x Dove Hair }

June 22, 2016


It’s such a good feeling when you finally come to terms with the fact that your hair isn’t changing, or going anywhere. It’s the crown you never take off.



According to Dove Love Your Hair Campaign’s studies, only 11% of women love everything about their hair and wouldn’t change anything about it. I am working with them to change that statistic. Embracing the uniqueness of your hair is one of the most important things you can do to creating your personal style and appearance. Which makes it crazy to know that so many women aren’t confident in their hair. In fact, according to Dove Hair’s research, three in four women believe they would have greater self-confidence if they didn’t feel that they were being judged by their hair. Your hair is such an important tool, and you should all enjoy it! I’m partnering with Dove Hair to help inspire women to feel the way I finally feel about my hair. For years, stylists have urged me to try new colors and cuts, and though I experimented—I know what truly feels like, well, me. I’m Italian, but I still like my hair lighter in the summer. As long as the base color is my original color I’m happy getting a little sun-kissed. Long and natural is a part of my look. I love a subtle beach wave, or even a few spritzes of sea salt for some texture. There’s no need to pretend my hair is anything other than what it is—my hair. I love the simplicity of being able to twist my hair up with a paint brush or pencil while I’m busy illustrating. Of course I love a nice done-up or blown-out style, but my everyday, manageable hair makes such an impact on my personal style. I’m a braid girl, a messy beach waved girl. And that part of me will never change, because I love my natural hair.



 In collaboration with Dove Hair, I’ve been able to see so many beautiful looks, and felt even more inclined to embrace my own. I urge you to visit Dove Hair on Pinterest  to take a peak at some of the beautiful woman, each with beautifully unique hair. Unsure of your own hair? Have a peak at this film, and I guarantee it will change your mind. #LoveYourHair #DovePartner



{ Dallas Shaw x bobble Insulate }

June 21, 2016


My bobble Insulate is used for pretty much everything these days. I stumbled upon it at Nordstrom one day and my life will never be the same. If I’m hitting the gym, or out at meetings all day it’s always tucked away in my bag with me. (hint: it fits ice cubes.) When I’m home, I like to use it for storing liquids, or even on-the-go water for painting.


It’s stainless steel, therefore dishwasher safe, and doesn’t sweat. Don’t get me wrong I love a good coaster, but it’s one less thing to think about when I’ve got this guy with me! It also keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours, cold for up to 24 hours. (WHAT?–I know.) Trust me, this is the only bottle you’ll ever need. #bobblelove


{ Dallas Shaw x Blushing Babe }

June 20, 2016

5 Products You’ll Need to Channel Your Inner Blushing Beauty

It’s the time of year where everything is bright and warm. There’s nothing that screams summer more than rosey cheeks and beachy hair. Here are a few of my favorite products I’ve found for a natural looking glow.


{ Dallas Shaw x #thingsweneed }

June 17, 2016

As you know, I’m always on the look out for the most amazing products. Summer is officially here–and beach trips are on my mind. Pack a sack lunch and get on the road. Kidding, these leather “lunch sack” clutches are amazing, and so unique. Also, here are a few fav bikinis I found on my hunt! I’m loving the perforated lining on this Zimmermann Pavilion Tri Ladder Bikini.







{ image 1 }  { image 2 }

{ Dallas Shaw x Graphic Design Intern }

June 16, 2016


Graphic Design4

Do you follow along on our social pages? Do you enjoy creative, and beautiful things? If so, you are in luck! Amongst other things, Dallas Shaw LLC is currently developing a product and paper line. We are seeking a graphic design intern for Summer 2016, to help with everything from creative moodboard designs, to creating prints from illustrations.

Applicants should be an expert in graphic design, with a high end fashion/editorial focus. In addition to font and layout design, applicant should have an eye for color matching and pattern pairing. Knowledge of the lifestyle industry is a must. Applicant must be local, and have transportation to the Dallas Shaw office in Wilmington, DE.  A laptop and Adobe Photoshop are essential.


Please email a resume and sample of graphics work to Kylie Silvestri, (kylie@dallasshaw.com) no later than July 1st to be considered.
We look forward to meeting you!

{ Dallas Shaw x Pinspiration }

June 15, 2016

Working on a few big projects coming up. I’m keeping the inspiration flowing this A.M., and wanted to share it with you.


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