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July 27, 2016

For anyone who’s lacking their creativity today, have a peak at what jumpstarted mine. My pinterest is my constantly growing collection of amazing visuals. If you’re ever in need, you know where to find some!




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July 25, 2016

Summer is my favorite beauty season. It’s low maintenance but still gives you glowing results. I keep these things with me every time I travel to the shore. After a long day in the sun, keeping my lips moisturized is essential–Why not do so with a bright tinted balm for an extra boost? -spoiler alert this looks awesome with your sun kissed skin! The salt spray works with the humidity instead of against it, bringing out beautiful natural curls.


Personally, I believe a structured brow can make the look, so even a clear gel will do the trick. And finally, some shimmer. There’s nothing like a shimmery nude shadow on freshly tanned skin for a natural yet beautiful look. Here are a few of my favorite brands below.

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July 22, 2016

We’ve all heard that history repeats itself in regards to fashion. Sometimes thats a good thing, but other times — yikes. These are a few favorite trends, or vintage finds coming that I am in full support of. What are a few of your favorites?


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{ Dallas Shaw x Jennifer Dawes Design Process }

July 20, 2016

Since so many of you are artists, and since I enjoyed the design process of this collaboration so much — I thought I should speak a bit more about it with you. This is the first of four design collaborations I’ll be working on this year. I’m very excited to see my personal style brought to life by a designer – especially by one who’s work is so inspiring.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.34.18 PM

When Jennifer asked me to begin sketching ideas of what I’d like a ring to look like, it felt overwhelming. Anything? It could look like anything at all? I sketched out a few rings shapes I loved, and scribbled in some details here and there. Then I took a step away from it, and came back to the sketches with a fresh eye.

When I did that, I realized only a few shapes were standing out to me visually. From here I re-sketched the square and rectangle designs. Note: if you are an artist/designer sometimes it helps to walk away.


At that point, before deciding anything else, I decided to get these to Jennifer to see what she was connecting to most in this group. (A collaboration doesn’t work unless both artists are reflected.) Of that group, she was certain on which ring felt strongest – a square stone with a thin, beveled edged and two side stones. Classic, but strong and unique due to the setting style.

I then turned to readers for their opinions on cut and band color.

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

After sharing the sketches across instagram I finally came up with a color and design combo that I felt reflected me best. Up-cycled warm hues of rose and yellow gold and ethically sourced brilliant sparkling diamonds.

This ring stack is so me. I call it “the Gatsby version of me.” Sometime I wear all three together, sometimes I wear just the single rose gold band. I like the ring I have to wear every day to suit all of my moods.


Thank you to Jennifer Dawes, and the Diamond Foundry for asking me to take part in the collaboration. I’m so proud of this final product and I hope you love it as much as I do.

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July 18, 2016

More inspiration, for all of you inspiring people. You can find more daily on my pinterest. I’m always looking for it, and to share it.


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{ One Sparkling Collaboration. Dallas Shaw for Jennifer Dawes Design. }

July 15, 2016

Collaborations have always been my thing. Now, during the lead up to my book, I’m excited to announce the debut of my first design collaboration! Yes, I usually take on illustrations for luxury brands, but in the past few years I’ve been spending a lot of time behind the scenes with designers. I’m excited to be lending my personal style to a few pieces off-paper this year. For the first, I’ve teamed up with Jennifer Dawes Design to create a custom three-piece diamond ring set.

E Press Kit


I came across Jennifer Dawes’ Design jewelry via Instagram  and it was love at first sight. When her PR rep reached out to see if I might be interested in a design project — Y E S andwhencanistart — was my answer.

Jennifer calls these “lifestyle stacks”. Each is inspired by a different one of her clients. I’m proud to announce that the aptly named “fashion illustrator” stack features a gorgeous 1.40ct radiant cut diamond from the Diamond Foundry.


If you’ve been following on instagram you most likely saw the sketches right from the beginning, as I shared the entire process online! I know some of you voted for silver, but I chose up-cycled, warm hues of rose and yellow gold paired with ethically sourced, brilliant, sparkling diamonds. I designed with my usual tools — watercolor, pencil and paper — and Jennifer brought the design to life flawlessly.

I love the idea of stacking your wedding ring. It’s a ring you wear for your entire life, so it should suit all of yours days – even the indecisive ones. You can wear all three rings stacked, just two, mix them up, or some days opt to wear only a single band. When I’m on the beach I like to keep things light, but when I’m at an event, I like to make sure I’m making a statement. Those times I pile on all three.


This is the first of 4 scheduled design collaborations for me in the coming months. FOUR! If you haven’t been following recent projects with lifestyle brands (Chanel, Oscar de la Renta, Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, Four Seasons and many more) on social – you might want to catch up.

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{ bare with me.. }

July 13, 2016

I’m all for baring a sexy shoulder this summer. It’s classy, feminine, and flirty. In the summer heat, I constantly struggle to force myself to keep my hair down. The best part about these off the shoulder looks are that they’re almost better with a low bun or braid. Expert move: pair with a fun skirt for a bold night out.



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Here are a few faves I found online.

{ Dallas Shaw x Golden Glow }

July 11, 2016

Highlighter is a girls best friend. There’s nothing better than having the ability  to add a few subtle streaks and transform your face glowing perfection.  T-Zone is a must, but I like to put some under my eyes as well to create a distinction from my cheekbones–and doesn’t hurt with dark circles when you’re a busy bee. I use this trick instead of contouring.



{ 1. laura mercier }  { 2. benefit }  { 3. glossier }  { 4. chantecaille }  { 5. nars }

{ Dallas Shaw x Derya Aksoy }

July 8, 2016


Amazing Jewelry Alert:

While I haven’t yet shared a ton about my book with you- I can tell you this: it’s full of all of my favorite things. Artwork- check. Shoes- check. Birds- check. While researching for this style book I came across thousands of amazing designers and I’d love to share some of my favorites with you on this blog.

Derya Aksoy is the designer of Jewelera. Years ago, I saw one of her necklaces on a friend’s blog and saved her site because her winged creations are so whimsical and delicate that I just find them inspiring. She takes inspiration from, well you can see–butterflies. These pieces are so unique, and so interesting. Pair it with a simple v neck and ripped jeans. It’s the perfect addition, and completely transforms any look with this fun feminine style. I have this necklace here in office and I can’t decide whether I want to wear it or frame it. I think it would be beautiful framed in my bedroom or handing from a masculine iron hook on a plain wall. If you are getting married just imagine how much fun this would be around one of your bridesmaid’s collars?! Or for NYFW paired with an amazing mixed print and a sweet shoe.

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 1.42.15 PM

Because I like them so much, I’ve asked Derya if we could give one of my super stylish readers a pair of her earrings! They are the pair I’ve pulled to shoot for my book, so they are 100% DS approved. And- oh why not- I’ll send you this sweet little illustration too (of a pair of shoes I’ve been drooling over by Charlotte Olympia (link) psst: It’s an original mini illy, not a print.



To enter, follow @jewelradesigns and @dallasshaw and leave a comment on the DS insta post telling me how you’d wear them. You have until July 8th to enter! Good luck friends. x

{ Dallas Shaw x Gloss Up }

July 7, 2016

I think we can all agree that come summer time, make up is minimal. If you’re like me, you get a nice sun-kissed tan and mainly rock mascara { my fav }. Your skin is fresh an free at this point–theres no need for foundation. Sometimes, however, this can leave you feeling naked. Why not spice things up with a bright, candy colored lip? You can still feel natural here, just let the gloss bring the glam.



Here are a few of my favorites. What are yours?


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