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May 11, 2015

I think you’ll remember a little painting I did a few weeks back using the new Christian Louboutin polishes? You all loved it so much, and I loved using the polishes so I decided to try out something new.

You see a shoe box. I see a canvas.


The colors I had in hand were a set of white, yellow and blue. I didn’t let that stop me, I wanted to draw up some swan studies no matter what colors I had in hand. I began by sketching out, scribbling even, some swans and then without much thinking I used the white Louboutin polish as paint. I ended up dipping an inexpensive paintbrush into the polish bottle for the smallest parts, but avoided detail.


I was initially nervous to deface such an iconic shoe box, but I just adore the end result.

Here are some of the photos of the final product. DYING to know what you think! Do you like my swan studies? And the idea of artwork on shoe boxes? Because I do and I can’t wait for more.

swan6 swan8 swan7 swan1  swan3 swan4

{ christian louboutin beaute &  moi, Dallas Shaw. }



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