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January 9, 2015

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This week I visited someplace that I never EVER visit- Philadelphia. It’s so close, but all of my clients are in NYC so I tend to go directly from my home-studio in DE to NY and right back. I was invited to check out a few restaurants in the area when I was featured as one of DE’s businesswomen of the year but I never got around to it- for a full year. So this break I took a little trip to see what Phila was all about. I’m an artist so I travel everywhere with a camera. Thought I’d share some of my favorite snaps with you from this trip ( a few more to come!) I am promising myself to really teach myself to learn how to correctly use my digital camera. Hope you like these! What I wore: black booties (with an insanely pointy toe that my dad insist look ridiculous but I cannot stop wearing) , leather leggings, a long silk tank, cropped gray turtleneck sweater (not tight enough to be one of those hipster versions though don’t worry), the camel colored coat I have been living in all winter, black aviators, and a huge black bag so I can fit my camera of course. Oh and a neon beanie complete with ball on top. { links below }

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