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August 1, 2014

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I fell in love with two different neon lights in my travels this year, one in jewelry designer, Paula Mendoza’s home and one at the Moda Operandi offices and decided I needed one as well. Above my fireplace because, duh. I wasn’t sure where to begin my search, but quickly found out through some phone calls that there was only one place to go : Let There Be Neon in tribeca.

I visited the team at LTBN for some advice and we decided to go with a custom light, in my very own handwriting. Again, because, duh. If you have a moment and you are in the city, you simply must take a walk by their shop.  After standing in front of the color choices and other quirky customs in store, I finally decided on neon pink- but was so inspired by all of the work they have done that it was a tough choice. I decided it should read “just gimme the light” because I wanted something fun.
It was surprisingly easy to install and whenever anyone comes to the house it’s the first thing whey want to talk about.
Let their be neon is located at 38 White Street. Stop by soon you won’t be disappointed- oh and bring a camera.

{ let there be neon }

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