{ Get creative or meet delete. Spring-Summer internship. }

February 26, 2015

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{ It’s time. SS15 internship time. }

If you are not creative do not read this message.

If you are not stylish please delete.

If you drink less that 3 cups of coffee a day, hate hip hop, don’t own any ripped denim or red lipstick and are not addicted to social media- move it along.

If you are still reading and need a creative outlet, are captivated by the runway and, *bonus*, you are a visual genius, please email info@dallasshaw.com with the following items.

1) a resume clearly explaining your strongest creative points, a photo of yourself and any applicable social outlets of your own (blogs, websites).

2) A clear idea and visual examples of what you could bring to the biz (drawings if you are in illustrator, photos is you are a photographer, moodboards if you are a blogger…)


Thing you should know BEFORE applying.

  • do your homework before applying for this internship. You will be working for Dallas Shaw so you should be (extremely) familiar with the DS brand, style and artwork. Lily Pulitzer is lovely. It’s just not our thing. And you should know that before beginning.
  • Be ready to work. Interns love the idea of working in fashion. “Heels and coffee sounds like fun!” Well it’s not. It’s hard work. This looks like a fashion blog, but it’s a business. I work with the top fashion houses on large art collaborations going above and beyond every expectation the industry has of me. So if showing up on time is too much to ask, the rest of this job is not for you.
  • Fashion, beauty, home trends– while it’s only part of your job you are expected to know the trends. And the trends after the trends.
  • Artwork– We design creative projects for the largest fashion houses in the world. Sometimes this means drawing, sometimes we are designing concepts, sometimes we are graphic designers for a day. Your artistic and creative skills should be strong.
  • Presentation , writing and strong speaking skills are necessary. We cannot have you shut down when the phone rings.
  • General clerical duties are a part of this position.
  • Each candidate must have a laptop to bring into office, and access to photoshop is preferred.

    Want to work? Bring it. In the words of friend and pr rep, Kristy Sevag:

    “Get creative or meet delete” .

    Read below carefully. Following instructions is your first assignment:

All applications should be sent to info@dallasshaw.com. Title your email with your name/SS15 internship. A selection of entrants will be contacted by March 6th with a stylish assignment, and those who excel will be brought in for interviews. #getcreativeormeetdelete



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