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June 17, 2015

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Every morning I take about 30 minutes for myself before the craziness of my job begins. My days as an illustartor and project designer are filled with design, running, meetings, ( coffee here) explaining, moodboards, concepting, drawing, redrawing (more coffee here). And by the end of the day, while everything looks pretty across social media, I’m so tired I can’t even keep an eye open.

I learned that in order to keep creativity going strong, it’s important to take a moment every morning to myself. A quick moment to reflect, to sip a coffee alone and most importantly to just look. I look at images in these thirty minutes- pinterest, magazines- essentially anything but my computer or phone. Then, when time is up I take a deep breath, get a refill and I move.

Do you have a morning routine to strip up creativity? If yes I’d love to hear about it below.


  • Anh

    I think for me it includes some physical, literally. I really enjoy walking my dog in the morning or hitting the gym. A hard spin class always relax and refreshes me.

  • Alyssa

    I’ve been feeling so out of balance lately, probably because I don’t have a routine that doesn’t involve my computer or phone. I’d love to try to wake up 20 minutes earlier and get in a yoga routine. It’s so hard to do but I’m determined to try!


  • Fleur

    I watch cartoons in the morning while I have breakfast and a strong coffee. It’s become my ritual as it de-stresses me and makes me feel lighter when I go into work. I feel like my work as a stylist is more creative after I start my day this way. I love your work Dallas Shaw! Love from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Rosalina

    Hi Dallas,

    Having a nine to five, an 11 month old, planning my wedding which is coming up, as well as recently, becoming a home owner; I had to press the pause bottom and sit down and prioritize my time and what is most important. Also, reminding myself to do and focus on, “one thing at a time.” I have a strong love and passion for art myself and although, my hopes and dreams of becoming a known artist are slim; I wake up an extra hr before my daughter wakes and/or I have to get ready for my work day and go to my studio and paint. It my time to indulge in some ME TIME even if its just for an hr. It is my ZEN.

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