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November 25, 2015

There are some big changes coming to this little blog space and company this year. It’s not humanly possible for me to do it all myself. In fact, I decided to hire a team to bring all of this year’s beautiful projects to you!

I wanted to thank the team in advance so I brought everyone over for what we decided to call an “early Christmas” for team DS. Mostly because I had a group of gifts for them as a token of my appreciation. (And also, because I’ll take any excuse to decorate the dining room.)

Before they arrived I got up early to prep and decorate. I pulled out some gold and silver and mixed it with these Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex bowls (the nostalgia- my entire family used similar bowls growing up). I actually left the bowls right out on display.



Introducing the new DS team: Kylie, Hanna, Emily, Bethany, Danielle, and Ashley- the creative team is from all over the U.S. so having them together under one roof was really special for me and all of us. We spent the morning enjoying mimosa’s and other goodies (cheese) . Getting to know everyone was amazing, and seeing their response to the gifts were even better! The perks of the job are pretty good: personal illustrations, beauty supplies, jewelry, and of course fabulous matching planners – gotta keep them organized in style.






We had so much fun, and even took time to get down to business – because when you put this many workoholics in room we can’t help talking shop. A beautiful day, with a beautiful group of people. So much is happening these days, so keep an eye out for our new projects.

In the spirit of giving, I want to give you some gifts too! A set of the Vintage Charm bowls for yourself. The bowls come in three color-ways and you can choose which you like best. Each set contains three bowls in a variety of patterns including Pyrex classics Rise ‘N Shine, Spot On, Birds of a Feather, Golden Days, Memory Lane and Tickled Pink. The entry is easy. Tell us below how YOU are moved by vintage charm inspired by pyrex and one winner will be chosen and notified on Nov 30th!



{  sponsored by vintage charm, inspired by pyrex  }


  • Alyssa

    So fun! Can’t wait to see how this place evolves. I’ve always loved what you do and can’t wait to see where it goes!

    Alyssa | Glitter and Grey

  • Olivia K

    My mom has those vintage bowls in the blue, I’ve always loved them, I love that they’re bringing back the vintage flair! I’d love to own some to remind me of her.

  • Maya

    It looks like you’ve had a great time together. Relaxed, the most important. Christmas one month before is not so common but anyway, the party’s important.

  • Tracy Guillaume

    I’m inspired by vintage charm from fashion to decor! Love the charmining Pyrex bowls and the way you have entertained with them! Just lovely!

  • Chris - @nylonlover69 on IG/Twitter

    I remember what seemed to be special occasions when my grandmother would pull out a heavy mixing bowl instead of plastic tupperware to use to make pie crust or a delicious batch of cookies and this collection makes me think of those days.

  • Alejandra

    I saw the bowls and I remembered my grandmother instantly, she used to collect pieces from flea markets and mixed them together at dinners and somehow it worked this inspires me to cook a big dinner filled with comfort food.

  • Danielle quigley

    A lovely a day with lovely ladies.. I’m so proud to be a part of such a creative & talented crew! xx

  • Julia B.

    I’m inspired by the stories and whimsy behind these vintage designs. They remind me that I have to make stories of my own, day by day.

  • Heather S

    I’m inspired by their nostalgic cheer! My Mom and Grandmother collect Pyrex so it hold a special place in my heart <3

  • dominique

    your dining room is my absolute favorite ever. So excited to see what 2016 brings for your brand!

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