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November 24, 2015

Some changes to my schedule have kept me on the go. When the cold sets in, so does the temptation to grab uggs and a down jacket every day. In order to keep my personal style in check when it’s chilly – I can’t really roll into business meetings looking like the michelin man- I went on the hunt for a sweater coat that isn’t just pretty but actually warm. I ended up with what I think is the perfect solution. The aptly titled “blanket-coat” kept me warm and met my personal style standards. Hard to find these days.


I found it at Peruvian Connection: “artisan apparel for nomads and romantics” sounded intriguing. I wore it with all black to keep things feeling chic. I would advise motorcycle pants and a ribbed black turleneck (a must-have for the season, make sure you have one on hand at all times.)

I have been in need for a basic black leather tote so I grabbed the newbury tote from the site as well and got a surprise when I found out that a little strap inside converts it to a bucket shape. Two-in-one! It was one of those items that I got and didn’t know how I lived without it beforehand. A few other things I added to the mix include a big-brimmed black hat, a southwestern-style belt, and black boots with a stacked heel (I’ll put a few suggestions in the widget below).
All links below in case you want to add it to your holiday shopping list. Then, check out Peruvian Connection for more cozy coats for the season. Later, “romatic nomads.”
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