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June 8, 2015

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This weekend I took myself on a “research trip”, one that that I’ll further share this week, and since I was feeling tropical that day, I decided to hit the road in something extra summery. Something from South Moon Under. I picked up this “kimono” there (which is more like a long sheer dress than a kimono or a jacket. Clarifying because it’s under the jackets section of the website.) I had every intention of wearing it only as a cover up at the beach, but it was too pretty. So I paired it with my denim shorts and took it for a spin. I was thinking about getting some sun later in the day anyway so I threw on a bathing suit top instead of a crop or bralette.


I safety-pinned it in the front just to give it a more fitted shape and then I paired it with these seychelles heels, also from south moon under. Perforated AND a stacked heel! I wore them all day. Suuuuuper comfy.

As for accessories I piled jewelry on my wrists (including this lulu frost beauty), then added really inexpensive pink mirrored shades and a hat that I actually scored at a bus station. for $4. True story. See past instagram for proof.

What I love about this top is that you can wear it over a bathing suit during the day, and then pair it with shorts for dinner at night! It makes for easy packing on your next tropical getaway wouldn’t you say? Links below for you to shop.

{ kimono dress } { perforated seychelles pumps } { bracelet }

{ pink shades } { panama hat } { all photos by alison conklin }



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