{ Dallas Shaw x Jennifer Dawes Design Process }

July 20, 2016

Since so many of you are artists, and since I enjoyed the design process of this collaboration so much — I thought I should speak a bit more about it with you. This is the first of four design collaborations I’ll be working on this year. I’m very excited to see my personal style brought to life by a designer – especially by one who’s work is so inspiring.

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 2.34.18 PM

When Jennifer asked me to begin sketching ideas of what I’d like a ring to look like, it felt overwhelming. Anything? It could look like anything at all? I sketched out a few rings shapes I loved, and scribbled in some details here and there. Then I took a step away from it, and came back to the sketches with a fresh eye.

When I did that, I realized only a few shapes were standing out to me visually. From here I re-sketched the square and rectangle designs. Note: if you are an artist/designer sometimes it helps to walk away.


At that point, before deciding anything else, I decided to get these to Jennifer to see what she was connecting to most in this group. (A collaboration doesn’t work unless both artists are reflected.) Of that group, she was certain on which ring felt strongest – a square stone with a thin, beveled edged and two side stones. Classic, but strong and unique due to the setting style.

I then turned to readers for their opinions on cut and band color.

Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset

After sharing the sketches across instagram I finally came up with a color and design combo that I felt reflected me best. Up-cycled warm hues of rose and yellow gold and ethically sourced brilliant sparkling diamonds.

This ring stack is so me. I call it “the Gatsby version of me.” Sometime I wear all three together, sometimes I wear just the single rose gold band. I like the ring I have to wear every day to suit all of my moods.


Thank you to Jennifer Dawes, and the Diamond Foundry for asking me to take part in the collaboration. I’m so proud of this final product and I hope you love it as much as I do.


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