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October 27, 2014


I never intended to have a full selection of perfume bottles to choose from in the morning. In fact, I was always the girl who had two bottles of perfume: One for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. It was that simple.

That changed when few years ago when I began to work more closely with beauty companies and found myself surrounded with beautiful bottles and intoxicating scents on an average work day.  I began deciding which fragrance to wear in the morning instead of just a ” quick spritz” before I ran out the door. I would treat myself on a trip by buying myself a full bottle of perfume, and placing it on my vintage mirrored tray in the closet. And now, I have a collection of beautiful gold, glass, sunlit bottles on that tray that also acts as a strong decor piece.

Every morning, before the work begins, I visit this collection on the mirrored tray. Some days feel sweet, some feel strong, and I leave the house feeling just that extra bit of confidence. I now believe a scent impacts your thoughts and actions and these days I never begin a day without fragrance. Think of it as like a little touch of luxury to end a mundane morning routine.

I also often give fragrance as a gift. I never did in the past because I assumed that if you didn’t know what type of scent the receiver liked, then the gift was a waste. And now, I couldn’t disagree more. I buy full bottles as gifts as a way to introduce friends and family to try new scents and collect little luxuries that they can live in. Today on the blog I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorites so you can begin a collection of your own. Trip to London? Bring home Burberry. Heading to NYC? E&J all the way. And don’t worry, I’ve made sure I picked the bottles that will look best on your mirrored tray.


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