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April 27, 2015


Last month I celebrated a birthday, which had me thinking not about age but about cake. I decided to take some time to design a few in hopes that I could inspire you to treat yourself to something special for your next celebration.

The thing I most wanted to see in terms of cake trends is (true to DS style) mixing and matching mini cakes. I love the idea of a few smaller cakes and different heights across a table that act as much of a decoration as a treat.

I called my friend Amy, an aspiring baker and asked her to whip me up two cakes, fast. Here were my instructions to her:

“For the first: a white two tiered cake, the icing shouldn’t be rounded at corners but sharp and imperfect. And the icing should be creamy and have tiny black seeds in it- almost like poppy seed. (she used vanilla bean. I didn’t care – I was in it for the color.)

For the second: a small-but-tall naked cake. Imperfectly cut sides, with a pink icing.”


Next step, I called Sullivan Owen and tell her about my cake design visions. Sullivan is a true artist so instead of dropping flowers off for this she showed up at the house with hundreds of pink, red and white options. I put it on instagram. It was amazing.

My instructions to Sullivan.

“Cake #1: A mix of white pink and red flowers that don’t feel overly girly when mixed b/c of greenery and unique placement. If bohemian chic was cake, but don’t get too island-y it just isn’t me. And for cake #2: heavy deep pinks on top, less greenery and cascading flowers down one side.”

I’m not quite sure how Sullivan actually brought my design to life, but she did and watching her do it was inspiring in itself. She is a true master at placement and floral styling and after working with her I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else for this. If you are looking for florals for an upcoming event she is your girl. Having her in my home was such a treat- looking fwd to seeing you again soon, Sullivan.



cake4  cake1


After the cakes were decorated I wanted them to be different heights as I said in the beginning so I added a baby blue cake stand (I love this shade mixed in with red and pinks, and then a low vintage plate with floral designs on it for the naked cake.

Before we ate them with some close friends along with laughs and champagne toasts to another successful year, Alison took some photos so that I could always remember the cakes I brought to life. I wanted to share them with you and I hope it serves as inspiration. I believe in bringing your personal style to everything around you, even the food on your table and look forward to seeing what you dream up.

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{ Amy’s Sweet Bake Shop } { Sullivan Owen } { Alison Conklin } { dkny dress }

{ de va vu }

April 13, 2015

This weekend I took a little shopping trip for a client who it opening a new space. She asked me if I’d help her find a few items that were unique, but didn’t want to go to overboard on the vintage feel. I never imagined that being paid to share my personal style would be a part of my job, but I love that it has become such a large part of it.


I stopped by De Ja Vu in Delaware to see what they had around. De Ja Vu’s items are of a kind so if you happen to go on a day when it’s picked over, I definitely recommend a revisit. It’s where I pick up a lot of things for my home and office. First timer? Ask for Deborah, she’ll show you the ropes.

What you need to know about vintage shopping, is that it’s easy to get a little carried away. I always wonder through the store and snap photos on my phone of things that I love and then review.

I thought I’d show you a quick list of what I always keep an eye open for on a vintage hunt. See the list below- The trick for me is to pair the items with something a bit more modern. And always keep an eye open for something with a little bit of quirk: No: not these. Theeeese.


{ white & gold lucite doorknob } { painted bird glasses } { Antique brass tub-side soap basket } { pineapple candle holders } { persian rug } { more persian rugs options }

{ the Maryland goods }

April 6, 2015

I have been working on designing my own line, and sometimes I get overwhelmed with my own thoughts and ideas. The best thing I can do when this happens? Take a break, walk around, see new things and the ideas kind of sort themselves out for me. I hit Annapolis MD and all of the above happened. Along with some shopping. Here’s what I brought home.

IMG_2074 IMG_2096 IMG_2091 IMG_2088 IMG_2092 IMG_2095

A new notepad that I think will serve as inspiration for the new line. I love the mix of paper it holds.

Alpaca finger puppets. They are adorable. Here are some on Etsy.

A red necklace w the smallest beads I’ve seen since my last visit to abc carpet.


{ office sloth }

March 25, 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I have a new office mascot. Rocco didn’t get replaced, he’s just been in a another room since the Rue Mag shoot, so Sparky joined my in the hot seat this week. And he’s cute.

Below some Slothy things for you lazy readers.

30565741_004_b 34230235_095_b 34515171_009_b

{ help me relax }

March 6, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.55.25 AMBeing sick is for the birds. What does help when you can’t move? An amazing bed situation. I spent almost two full days in bed sick last week when I started to feel like maybe I should bed some time here when I am actually able to relax.

I’m about to take some time this weekend to revamp my relax-mode. I’ve got the bedding down for the most part but, does anyone want to share any cool sleep gadgets, books, tricks for being able to relax when you work at home?

{ photo by alison conklin }

{ Get creative or meet delete. Spring-Summer internship. }

February 26, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.20.41 AM

{ It’s time. SS15 internship time. }

If you are not creative do not read this message.

If you are not stylish please delete.

If you drink less that 3 cups of coffee a day, hate hip hop, don’t own any ripped denim or red lipstick and are not addicted to social media- move it along.

If you are still reading and need a creative outlet, are captivated by the runway and, *bonus*, you are a visual genius, please email info@dallasshaw.com with the following items.

1) a resume clearly explaining your strongest creative points, a photo of yourself and any applicable social outlets of your own (blogs, websites).

2) A clear idea and visual examples of what you could bring to the biz (drawings if you are in illustrator, photos is you are a photographer, moodboards if you are a blogger…)


Thing you should know BEFORE applying.

  • do your homework before applying for this internship. You will be working for Dallas Shaw so you should be (extremely) familiar with the DS brand, style and artwork. Lily Pulitzer is lovely. It’s just not our thing. And you should know that before beginning.
  • Be ready to work. Interns love the idea of working in fashion. “Heels and coffee sounds like fun!” Well it’s not. It’s hard work. This looks like a fashion blog, but it’s a business. I work with the top fashion houses on large art collaborations going above and beyond every expectation the industry has of me. So if showing up on time is too much to ask, the rest of this job is not for you.
  • Fashion, beauty, home trends– while it’s only part of your job you are expected to know the trends. And the trends after the trends.
  • Artwork– We design creative projects for the largest fashion houses in the world. Sometimes this means drawing, sometimes we are designing concepts, sometimes we are graphic designers for a day. Your artistic and creative skills should be strong.
  • Presentation , writing and strong speaking skills are necessary. We cannot have you shut down when the phone rings.
  • General clerical duties are a part of this position.
  • Each candidate must have a laptop to bring into office, and access to photoshop is preferred.

    Want to work? Bring it. In the words of friend and pr rep, Kristy Sevag:

    “Get creative or meet delete” .

    Read below carefully. Following instructions is your first assignment:

All applications should be sent to info@dallasshaw.com. Title your email with your name/SS15 internship. A selection of entrants will be contacted by March 6th with a stylish assignment, and those who excel will be brought in for interviews. #getcreativeormeetdelete


{ asking you for a favor }

February 21, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.20.57 PM

Hi. Instead of talking about art or fashion, I’m asking you for a favor today.

A few years ago I set out on a mission to become an illustrator. Since then, this job has taken me on an entirely new path in life. I am now equal parts illustrator-blogger/tastmaker-creativedirector-pr rep and photographer. Through it all I have made a decision to remain to myself and to try to bring a little bit of me and my personal style to every project. Staying genuine in the industry has not been easy and now that social media has become such a large part of my job I’m working to to share my story around the clock in hopes to inspire someone else to do what they love.

I’m asking for a favor because so many of you who follow have helped to shape and create my job in more ways than you’ll ever know. Because of the followers I’ve been able to do what I have always dreamed and now I hope that I can inspire someone else to do the same. I’m asking you to share what I do with someone who might like it. It could be the website, or the instagram page you might tell someone about. A tweet or a share or maybe just sending an email to a creative and stylish friend. I have some fun things on the horizon and I’ll need some additional support to keep going. I was only able to begin with your support, and I know that I’ll only be able to grow with your continued support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, making me laugh, sending nice notes…everything. I really feel like I have a support system behind me at the drawing board.

I’m heading to nyc today to work for the weekend on a fun oscars project with neutrogena. Feel free to tag along here or here or both. x



{ inspiration }

February 5, 2015

  I have been spending more time than usual “looking” these past few weeks. As you know I decided to start my own line of product. I blocked off a few weeks of design time and then I changed my mind and asked for everything to come to a halt while I really thought about what I want this to look like before starting my sketches. Artists are naturally observant people and I think I take it to an entirely new level. I have been wandering around taking photos, booked a few new inspirations trips, purchased a wild amount of magazines and this week got sucked into pinterest. Here are my top three inspiration images from the week, and I’ll tell you why:


I have this new obsession with what some companies are referring to as “baby green”. It’s that unique shade of green you catch in an opal. A deeper shade than mint and w a touch more teal than seafoam. I bought these lionette by sade which started the whole thing. Now I can’t stop.



2nd image I can’t look at enough is this interior shot above. I’m inspired by the mix of color here. The neon pink mixed with the vintage is nice but it’s the addition of the crisp white with the other two is what keeps me looking. Definitely something that could work well in my office.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

And last but not least, this braid. Or this bit of braid. Just need my hair to get a bit longer but when it does it’s next on my to-try  list.

Has anyone seen anything I might go crazy over? Make sure you leave a link below, tweet or tag me so I can check it out!!

{ Who’s That Girl, featuring Manor. }

January 26, 2015

wtg122A strange talent of mine? Helping people find their personal overall style. Not just in fashion- but in life. So I’m bringing back the Who’s that Girl posts. This one features some goodies from my close friend’s new shop, Manor. Hope it inspires you:

Who’s that girl?

1) She only wears one pair of hoops but they are gooooood. 2) She’s hopelessly drawn to blue. 3) She likes puzzles. 4) She wears black Balenciaga. 5) She’s fierce. 6) She’s from the south. 7) She likes a boy named Henry. 8) She layers jewelry with precision. 9) She’s a little shady. 10) The only floral she’ll carry is men’s Givenchy. 11) She believes in the power of crystals. 12) She loves a 2 o’clock nap.

Be that girl. Links below and more at Manor :


{ home tours? }

January 23, 2015


I have gotten alot of your notes requesting home tours, and so weekly I’ll be sharing a home post from my home. Is there anything specifically you’d like to see there? Please let me know and I’ll try my best to address!

Above a little shot from the office. Fresh flowers ALWAYS. Have a good weekend everyone!


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