{ So you want to get someone a beautiful gift.. }

June 29, 2016

One of the first changes I decided to make on this blog, was getting back to sharing my very favorite things with you. Sometimes, the team and I get so busy here in the office with design projects that I don’t actually get a change to sit down and share the products that I love so much.


Therefore today, I’m choosing Aerin Lauder‘s new candle collection. I’ve been a fan of hers since meeting the team a few years ago, and learning about our shared passion for perfect packaging. I love a design perfectionist–so Aerin and I are probably best friends.

Of course, it was the packaging that swayed me when I saw the new candle collection. Watercolor floral boxes? (Yes–and why didn’t I get to paint these this. Call me please team Lauder.) If I were giving these as gifts I wouldn’t even need to wrap – but I’m keeping these sweet scents for my own space today. It’s raining outside which is IMHO the best time to light a new scent because it makes being stuck indoors a little less gray and a little more relaxing.
As a designer and artist I spend long hours in the office which can make you feel a little crazy so I try to make a peaceful ritual out of my start each day. Every single day I have a least one candle lit in office. It’s my daily luxury and I truly think that it brightens my mood while helping me focus.

I added Caffarella Vine this  to the office console first. When you remove the outer blue-leaf patterned box you’ll find another box holding the gold lid which also acts as stand (making any space in your home instantly the perfect space). Inspired by the Parco Della Caffarella in Rome this scent is a fresh, woody floral. It’s strong which I love and actually smells as if I have fresh cut spring flowers in the room.

I’m saving the L’ Ansecoy Orange Blossom for mid summer. It’s a fresh, clean scent; airy with citrus notes. I didn’t get to try the other scents just yet, but you know I will. I’m going to need these boxes as office decor. Until then, I added this illustration inspired by the collection.

Beautiful job Aerin, on yet another beautiful collection.

{ Dallas Shaw x bobble Insulate }

June 21, 2016


My bobble Insulate is used for pretty much everything these days. I stumbled upon it at Nordstrom one day and my life will never be the same. If I’m hitting the gym, or out at meetings all day it’s always tucked away in my bag with me. (hint: it fits ice cubes.) When I’m home, I like to use it for storing liquids, or even on-the-go water for painting.


It’s stainless steel, therefore dishwasher safe, and doesn’t sweat. Don’t get me wrong I love a good coaster, but it’s one less thing to think about when I’ve got this guy with me! It also keeps beverages hot for up to 12 hours, cold for up to 24 hours. (WHAT?–I know.) Trust me, this is the only bottle you’ll ever need. #bobblelove


{ Dallas Shaw x Domino Mag }

April 22, 2016

It’s been an ok week cuz…I’m in Domino Mag! whaaaat? I’m always so excited to see my little home in magazines. I love bringing my personal style into the rooms and am  flattered when people like it, so I was especially flattered when I got a call from domino for a feature.
 Take a peek at the feature here ! eep!

{ DS x Jill Rosenwald Giveaway }

December 17, 2015


Jill Mood

Jill Rosenwald just sent us this gorgeous bed set, and because I’m all about highlighting personal style I decided to show you how to design a room around a comforter.

I started with this navy and white hampton set. Next, I searched for personal items I adore. Pulling your favorite things make for a sentimental connection (as well as right in line with your personal style!) in your new favorite room. I strongly believe in mixing. Since this is a classic pattern, I brought in sparkling elements and textures from target, like this side table and these wall urchins! Target is always a fun place to find beautiful but affordable accents. (ps- nate berkus’s new collection is to die for.) I also grabbed a few favorites from wild habit for a rustic hint!



Feeling inspired? Good, because Jill Rosenwald is giving away one full set to a reader!

{ Entry is simple }
Step 1. follow my instagram
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Step 3. comment below!

NOTE: Please include your email for contact upon winning

{ maven collection }

July 8, 2015

Last week I was introduced to my favorite new store: maven collection. We actually connected via instagram, when I somehow stumbled across their breathtaking rug collection. I have been searching high and low for moroccan rugs for my home and office and their selection is by far one of the best I’ve found.


Most of you saw the last post , either here or across instagram, and all of the comments had the same tone: “those rugs!?!?!” so I thought I should give up the info. What you need to know:

– the website is Maven Collection.

– My favorite are the rugs and floor pillows – def check those two sections out. (the wedding blankets are under the blankets section.)

– more specifically here are my favorite items: We bought this beauty. What I didn’t realize was alot of these floor pillows have a different pattern on the other side! This one flipped to a red, cream, pink and orange stripe. LOVE the raised knit here, and check out the other side- MINT!

This  vintage moroccan azilal rug is by far my favorite rug and I might go back and buy it.

My office is like “The sawyer, please.”

And oh, The 101 Brown Dalmations Blanket?!  Maybe the coolest wedding blanket I’ve ever seen.

NP4 NP3The blanket in the photo is available right here: http://mavencollection.com/collections/blankets-throws/products/handira-wedding-blanket

Hang them, place them at the bottom of your bed- whatever you do, put them somewhere everyone can admire them. Each item is SO beautiful. Happy shopping everyone!

{ maven collection }

{ every. morning. }

June 17, 2015

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

Every morning I take about 30 minutes for myself before the craziness of my job begins. My days as an illustartor and project designer are filled with design, running, meetings, ( coffee here) explaining, moodboards, concepting, drawing, redrawing (more coffee here). And by the end of the day, while everything looks pretty across social media, I’m so tired I can’t even keep an eye open.

I learned that in order to keep creativity going strong, it’s important to take a moment every morning to myself. A quick moment to reflect, to sip a coffee alone and most importantly to just look. I look at images in these thirty minutes- pinterest, magazines- essentially anything but my computer or phone. Then, when time is up I take a deep breath, get a refill and I move.

Do you have a morning routine to strip up creativity? If yes I’d love to hear about it below.

{ DS x DwellStudio }

June 11, 2015


You know my dining room? The one that is pretty much all over pinterest. Scalamandre walls, black nail head details, crazy chandelier, cacti x 1739728 etc etc. Well there is one wall you didn’t see in those photos because I could not for the LIFE of me figure out “what sconces even go with matte black zebras?” The answer?


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

The decision was DwellStudio’s “Richard sconces” . I liked that these went with the current vibe, but were simple, and sleek enough to not overpower the animals. The outside is matte black in color so it’s a perfect match and the inside is metallic gold. I guess I learned a I have a thing for lights that are gold lined because, look! I also own these from a previous dwell collection. Totally didn’t make the connection until now!

dwellst3 dwellst4

The point is, that DwellStudio has unintentionally become my go-to for lights these days. Check out the lighting section of their site and prepare to be hooked.

{ richard sconces } { dwellstudio }


May 8, 2015

-4Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 7.07.37 AM

Happy weekend everyone! ALERT: Philadelphia now has a -wait for it- subscription flower service (and I honestly can’t decide what I like better: the service, or the logo)! Check out their website here and what you need to know here.

You know I’m all in.

{ photo by alison conklin }

{ AllModern table }

May 5, 2015


Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

My house is really starting to feel like me these days. A few weeks ago we decided the birds chairs you saw on insta had to move to the dining area where they belong, which left an empty space in my living room. Since I currently work from my home I’m always looking for new small spaces to use for the day so when the hub suggested a small table and chairs I was all in. Immediately visions of morning tea and pinning in the sunny corner danced in my head. After scouring the internet for the perfect “something” without much luck I visited V42 table because it has a hardwood tabletop and a cast iron bottom (something I can never resist. Put cast iron on the bottom of anything and I’ll buy it) and it was the perfect size for my dream corner bistro. Then, I added 4 Mercer Kenny armchairs. Let’s have a serious talk about these chairs shall we? Because I am nuts for them. They have a wooden antique finished frame (gah), black faux leather lining and nail head embellishments, which seem to be a repeating detail throughout the home. Add that to the most beautiful shape and you get a chair that can be used in a dining room, kitchen or anywhere else in the house (I’d love to see one of these in my closet sometime soon.) I’m including links below for you so you can check them out and also so you can see the rest of the site. Prices and styles range to fit every budget and style (not just super modern interiors, promise.) Happy home shopping everybody!!!

allm5 allm6

{ v42 table } { mercer kenny chairs }


{ The Laundress- and a discount for you }

April 28, 2015

laundress2 laundress5 laundress3 laundress4 laundress1

I’m having a spring clothing cleaning crisis. Three times this month I took some very expensive pieces to the popular dry cleaner in town ( who shall remain nameless but, you know who you are) and the items, all three mind you, came back exactly the same way as I took them in. I am not a messy person so I think a teeny bit of makeup here or there should be easy to remove if you know what you’re doing, but based on my result at said dry cleaner I felt like giving up.

Most of the items I was bringing in said I could hand wash but I just didn’t trust myself with stain removal. I’m good at alot of things- cleaning has never been one of my talents. So I called some friends at The Laundress and asked them to motivate me and turn me into a confident at-home-cleaning machine.

It was either good timing or a sign from above b/c they are currently encouraging everyone to take their 30-Day Clean Home Challenge. (Get 20% off when you buy 3 or more of their nontoxic, eco-friendly solutions.  Not quite ready to commit to the challenge? That’s ok. Sign up for their newsletter and they ’ll send you a free sample to get you started. boom. )

A few days later, some new products  arrived at my door along with a small how-to booklet (thank god). The packaging was so pretty that I hardly wanted to open any of them. Maybe this will make cleaning more fun? I grabbed a j crew tee that I wore only once and had had a small makeup spot on the front. I followed directions and pre-treated with their stain solution, and then hand washed with the signature detergent. “Out damned spot!” Not only did it work but smelled really great so I followed up with adding two capfulls to my next load of laundry. Obsessed with that clean laundry smell.

I felt good so moved onto my next challenge: using the scented vinegar as a rinse aid in the dishwasher. Absolutely worked- no spots! And then I started to feel good so I tried what I was most nervous about- the all purpose bleach aid. Used one my white denim- they were already pretty white, so I’ll try this again soon.

Overall I can tell you that I’m kind of hooked. I even decided what I want next from the site ( a sweater comb and wool and cashmere spray.)

Now for some fun, discounts and samples for you:

Want to show off your 30-Day Clean Home Challenge experiences and see the results other Laundress customers are having? Stains gone? Rooms transformed from meh to magnificent? Share before and after photos or just swap stories with fellow detoxers. Challenge your friends and tag #thelaundress #TL30dayclean @thelaundress

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