{ Dallas Shaw x Coral Crush }

August 10, 2016

Rosy cheeks and coral lips. Why not match the shades? It’s perfect to brighten up your look without overdoing your make up. Who says you can only rock coral when you’re glamming it up? Not us. It’s simple and cool day or night. Best part: Dual purpose products. Why buy two when you can use one all around?


{ Dallas Shaw brow boost }

August 1, 2016

Remember when the most grooming done on your brows included a quick wax or pluck? Now, we can thread, pencil in, shape and style our brows to emphasize our looks. This bold one here is one we’ve used and shot recently – hint hint. If going out to get some glue and glitter is too much of a commitment, or won’t get enough use in your makeup collection, try using a fun sparkly shadow in its place, like my favorite–the Moondust palette from Urban Decay.


angled brush }  { lash glue }  { glitter }

{ fresh off the beach beauty }

July 25, 2016

Summer is my favorite beauty season. It’s low maintenance but still gives you glowing results. I keep these things with me every time I travel to the shore. After a long day in the sun, keeping my lips moisturized is essential–Why not do so with a bright tinted balm for an extra boost? -spoiler alert this looks awesome with your sun kissed skin! The salt spray works with the humidity instead of against it, bringing out beautiful natural curls.


Personally, I believe a structured brow can make the look, so even a clear gel will do the trick. And finally, some shimmer. There’s nothing like a shimmery nude shadow on freshly tanned skin for a natural yet beautiful look. Here are a few of my favorite brands below.

salt spray }  { shimmer shadow }  { brow gel }  { balm tint }

{ Dallas Shaw x Golden Glow }

July 11, 2016

Highlighter is a girls best friend. There’s nothing better than having the ability  to add a few subtle streaks and transform your face glowing perfection.  T-Zone is a must, but I like to put some under my eyes as well to create a distinction from my cheekbones–and doesn’t hurt with dark circles when you’re a busy bee. I use this trick instead of contouring.



{ 1. laura mercier }  { 2. benefit }  { 3. glossier }  { 4. chantecaille }  { 5. nars }

{ Dallas Shaw x Gloss Up }

July 7, 2016

I think we can all agree that come summer time, make up is minimal. If you’re like me, you get a nice sun-kissed tan and mainly rock mascara { my fav }. Your skin is fresh an free at this point–theres no need for foundation. Sometimes, however, this can leave you feeling naked. Why not spice things up with a bright, candy colored lip? You can still feel natural here, just let the gloss bring the glam.



Here are a few of my favorites. What are yours?


{ 1. juicy shaker }  { 3. tinted lip oil }  { 2. lip cream }  { 4. ultra gloss }

{ Dallas Shaw x Subtle Stunner }

June 27, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I love to feel natural in the summer. Simple hues go so nicely with freshly bronzed skin. All you really need is a little shimmer, right? Well for those of you who can’t go bare skinned–try my favorite nude look! Simple and sweet.



{ 1. eyeshadow palette }  { 2. gel shadow }  { 3. shadow }  { 4. loose shadow }  { 5. eye tint }  { 6. shadow pencil }

{ Dallas Shaw x Dove Hair }

June 22, 2016


It’s such a good feeling when you finally come to terms with the fact that your hair isn’t changing, or going anywhere. It’s the crown you never take off.



According to Dove Love Your Hair Campaign’s studies, only 11% of women love everything about their hair and wouldn’t change anything about it. I am working with them to change that statistic. Embracing the uniqueness of your hair is one of the most important things you can do to creating your personal style and appearance. Which makes it crazy to know that so many women aren’t confident in their hair. In fact, according to Dove Hair’s research, three in four women believe they would have greater self-confidence if they didn’t feel that they were being judged by their hair. Your hair is such an important tool, and you should all enjoy it! I’m partnering with Dove Hair to help inspire women to feel the way I finally feel about my hair. For years, stylists have urged me to try new colors and cuts, and though I experimented—I know what truly feels like, well, me. I’m Italian, but I still like my hair lighter in the summer. As long as the base color is my original color I’m happy getting a little sun-kissed. Long and natural is a part of my look. I love a subtle beach wave, or even a few spritzes of sea salt for some texture. There’s no need to pretend my hair is anything other than what it is—my hair. I love the simplicity of being able to twist my hair up with a paint brush or pencil while I’m busy illustrating. Of course I love a nice done-up or blown-out style, but my everyday, manageable hair makes such an impact on my personal style. I’m a braid girl, a messy beach waved girl. And that part of me will never change, because I love my natural hair.



 In collaboration with Dove Hair, I’ve been able to see so many beautiful looks, and felt even more inclined to embrace my own. I urge you to visit Dove Hair on Pinterest  to take a peak at some of the beautiful woman, each with beautifully unique hair. Unsure of your own hair? Have a peak at this film, and I guarantee it will change your mind. #LoveYourHair #DovePartner



{ Dallas Shaw x Blushing Babe }

June 20, 2016

5 Products You’ll Need to Channel Your Inner Blushing Beauty

It’s the time of year where everything is bright and warm. There’s nothing that screams summer more than rosey cheeks and beachy hair. Here are a few of my favorite products I’ve found for a natural looking glow.


{ Dallas Shaw x Tousled Hair }

June 13, 2016

Can’t make it to the beach to get that natural sea tousled look? Fake it. It takes a little testing to find the right salt spray for your hair, but once you do you’re golden! It’s a low maintenance style that still looks great.



salt spray }  { hair ties }

{ Dallas Shaw x Shattered Glass }

June 8, 2016

New trend alert! This one is surprisingly simple, and you probably have all you need laying around the house!



{ 1. cellophane }  { 2. opi act your beige }
Try it, and show me!

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