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February 21, 2015

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Hi. Instead of talking about art or fashion, I’m asking you for a favor today.

A few years ago I set out on a mission to become an illustrator. Since then, this job has taken me on an entirely new path in life. I am now equal parts illustrator-blogger/tastmaker-creativedirector-pr rep and photographer. Through it all I have made a decision to remain to myself and to try to bring a little bit of me and my personal style to every project. Staying genuine in the industry has not been easy and now that social media has become such a large part of my job I’m working to to share my story around the clock in hopes to inspire someone else to do what they love.

I’m asking for a favor because so many of you who follow have helped to shape and create my job in more ways than you’ll ever know. Because of the followers I’ve been able to do what I have always dreamed and now I hope that I can inspire someone else to do the same. I’m asking you to share what I do with someone who might like it. It could be the website, or the instagram page you might tell someone about. A tweet or a share or maybe just sending an email to a creative and stylish friend. I have some fun things on the horizon and I’ll need some additional support to keep going. I was only able to begin with your support, and I know that I’ll only be able to grow with your continued support. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading, commenting, making me laugh, sending nice notes…everything. I really feel like I have a support system behind me at the drawing board.

I’m heading to nyc today to work for the weekend on a fun oscars project with neutrogena. Feel free to tag along here or here or both. x



{ It All Started with a Mouse }

January 19, 2015


The question I get asked most from aspiring artists and fashionistas is when and how I got my start. The truth is, I’ve had a few official “starts” and I expect this year to be a new start of it’s own. I started drawing when I was around four and learned I had a true talent in elementary school. I started working for my Uncle (Jeff D’Angelo) in Scranton when I was in high school and I knew I had some things to learn if I wanted this as a career. He is a hard working artist and taught me the basics of painting and prop styling. Then, I got my own fresh start as an artist when I worked for Walt Disney World.



I decided at a young age it’s where I wanted to work and contacted the head animator when I was in grade school. I explained my goals and intentions and he thought I was a bit young to begin working in 6th grade like I had hoped, but did agree to guide me in choosing courses if I decided I had the same goals in college. I did, and I followed his directions. I interned with the WDW college program for a few summers and after graduation moved my life from Scranton, PA to Orlando, FL weeks after graduating from college. The move was poor timing on many accounts, there was very little $ involved in my new job but I had a dream I needed to address and the support of my husband, so we packed up our lives and hoped for the best.

I began at the bottom of the ladder, teaching guests how to draw Disney characters in a computer based animation class. Then I hosted animation tours and drew more with visitors. Eventually I made my way into the animation building.

Long story short, I left after some time to explore starting my own career (and I’ll share more about my next steps in doing that here soon) but I did want to share my starting point with you. My heart will always be with Disney: the friends I made there, the time spent with my family at the castle, and the business lessons I took with me and I would work for the company again in a heartbeat. (actually , I genuinely hope I get to work for Disney again sometime in a creative role.)

A note to young readers: understand that hard work, internships, open mindedness and willingness to try new things is where you learn the most when beginning on a new path.

Anyone else ever work for Disney or a company you’ll always remember?

{ resolutions }

January 5, 2015




I never make resolutions. I am one of “those” who just believes we should always practice year-round self improvement. But since I am a list maker (you’d be shocked at how motivated I am by any sort of a chart) I decided to write out a few goals for the year.

What is it about writing things down that seems to make things official? If anyone shares my love of writing, below are the links to my favorite planner. You all asked about in on insta- it’s from Gigi New York. I love it and have it with me always. It’s the best gift you’ll ever buy yourself. The black book is a vintage hermes planner I use as my sketchbook from Rice and Beans Vintage. I know it’s  untraditional but I believe you have to love what you are designing and writing in as much as what you’re writing.

Anyone share any of my resolutions?

{ new year, new blog, new biz goals }

January 2, 2015


When this blog began it was simple: it was to be an outlet to share things I liked as found my own place online. Then things became not-so-simple. In the following years the blog grew more popular than I had expected and as word of my job as a fashion illustrator spread I , along with a small team, tried to keep up with what everyone else wanted to read. We answered the demands of my favorite companies, readers and friends. It always remained true to my style but still had some contributors in and out. In those years I felt like the blog could be more personal but there wasn’t so much time. That’s about to change. The blog will still remain a place share my favorite things, but also share some stories, become more of a creative outlet again and a place to connect w readers on a stronger level (I can’t leave you links and stories on insta!) We (me and you) are always chatting on twitter, via instagram and now I’d like to bring that back to the blog.

And that’s why it’s been decided that in 2015- beginning today- I take the blog back.

Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is Dallas Shaw.

I’m an artist and a project designer. I’m the illustrator to the fashion industry to be even more specific. I grew up in Scranton, PA without a single connection to the intimidating industry and not a lot of shopping options but when I began drawing my mom fashion catalogues at age 4 full with matching mother daughter outfits and prices on everything down to the socks- we knew where I was headed.

Behind the scenes of the perks, the travel, the swag, being your own boss- there is a helluva lot of work that goes on. I am about to add even more work to my plate this year: I’m taking on a new adventure and placing my artwork on product for the first time. I’ve always wanted my own line and there is no better time to do it. I’m nervous, and excited and hope I can share much of that process here.

And in the meantime I’ll share a lot of what I know best, my personal style and no one else’s.

Hope you enjoy- and will join me in conversation here in the new year.

{ photo by Trever Hoehne, Dallas Shaw for 31 bits }

{ happy holidays }

December 24, 2014

Christmas Post

Taking a few days to spend the holidays with my family and I hope you will too!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  More to come on the blog in 2015, so stay tuned.

{ the victoria’s secret fashion show cookies }

December 17, 2014

cookies1 (2)cookies2 cookies3 cookies4 cookies5 cookies6

The Victoria’s Secret team gave me an experience I won’t forget, so I gave them cookies, and not just regular old cookies, Whipped Bakeshop cookies.

The VS team took the time to treat me like an angel among the actual angels, so I called up Zoe at Whipped Bakeshop and we cooked up the perfect combination of thank you cookies. Booties, bustiers, VS robes, a pink telephone booth, a heart with sparkly wings, and we couldn’t forget my artwork – can’t believe she got all of the watercolor details to show up on these!!! I think we came up with the very perfect collection of treats for a special thank you. Hope they taste as good as they look and that the Victoria’s Secret team receives them safe and sound.
Have a special thank you of your own to send? Call Zoe at Whipped Bakeshop ( and duh call me if you need help with the sweet ideas )

{ LuLu*s }

December 4, 2014


 I’ve been posting my product picks from LuLu*s on my Pinterest page for a while, but this time I’m sharing how to get party perfect with LuLu*s.  With all of the holidays and parties you definitely coming up this month, LuLu*s and  I wanted to make sure you looked your absolute best.  Dresses, jumpsuits, heels, bags, jewelry, LuLu*s is your one stop holiday shopping spot.  Check out all of my Party Perfect picks for LuLu*s here.  Also, read about my wardrobe essentials, current mani inspiration, holiday wishlist, and more in my interview with the LuLu*s team.

{ Dallas Shaw Party Perfect Picks } { LuLu*s + DS Q&A }

{ LuLu*s }

{ trump soho gift guide }

November 20, 2014


Gift Guide I’m always shopping for you on my Pinterest page.  But, since it’s the holiday season, I’ve made it even easier to shop my picks by teaming up with Trump SoHo to bring you our Holiday Gift Guide.  We’ve made picks for everyone on your list, The New Mom, Your Mom, Girly Girl, City Dweller, Hostess, we’ve got you covered!

Staying at the Trump SoHo soon?  Good news!  All of the items picked on this list have stores in SoHo within walking distance of Trump SoHo.  One is even right in The Spa at Trump SoHo

I’ll be sharing my favorites from the gift guide all month, but to see the whole list, check it out here.

{ DS + Trump SoHo Gift Guide }

{ gwen stefani }

November 6, 2014

gwen1 gwen2

This year I stopped by the L.A.M.B. show and had a few moments to chat with the one and only Gwen Stefani. We got to talking, I mentioned I was a fashion illustrator…and well, this happened.

Top 5 moment of my career.

{ leave your mark }

October 30, 2014

red hair Inspiration for DKNY Leave Your Mark
Most of you know this, but for those of you who are new readers and followers, I am very fortunate to call PR powerhouse, Aliza Licht of DKNY, a friend and mentor. She was the very first person in the fashion industry to believe in what I am trying to build as a fashion illustrator and the first one to support it. That was almost 7 years ago and to this very day, without her support and encouragement- I’d be jobless. So today, sending some support her way.

Aliza’s book Leave Your Mark is available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

{ Barnes & Noble } { iTunes }

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