{ You’re invited, NY. And I’m bringing pencils }

June 30, 2015

I’m in NYC this week for meetings and before I leave I’m headed to Williamsburg, Brooklyn – to the McCarren Hotel- to host a little party!    And you’re invited!!!

I’d like to invite everyone who follows and is in the Brooklyn area to come out on July 1st for a cocktail, some conversation and a little fashion illustration from yours truly.  From 6-9, at the McCarren Hotel and you can rsvp Here: Please come to see me! We’ll snap up some instagram gems together.

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{ every. morning. }

June 17, 2015

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Every morning I take about 30 minutes for myself before the craziness of my job begins. My days as an illustartor and project designer are filled with design, running, meetings, ( coffee here) explaining, moodboards, concepting, drawing, redrawing (more coffee here). And by the end of the day, while everything looks pretty across social media, I’m so tired I can’t even keep an eye open.

I learned that in order to keep creativity going strong, it’s important to take a moment every morning to myself. A quick moment to reflect, to sip a coffee alone and most importantly to just look. I look at images in these thirty minutes- pinterest, magazines- essentially anything but my computer or phone. Then, when time is up I take a deep breath, get a refill and I move.

Do you have a morning routine to strip up creativity? If yes I’d love to hear about it below.

{ flamingo week }

June 9, 2015

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Well, you guessed it from instagram. It’s flamingo week here at the DS headquaters.  I love them so much, and this week I decided to take myself on a “flamingo study” before I draw them. On everything. I’m an illustrator and as artists know, the only way to really learn about a subject it to sit with it and study it. I am putting in some long observation hours with these guys and I’m not complaining. Can’t wait to see what kind of work comes out of it. Here are a few photos from my last visit.

flamingo2 flamingo

I’m so inspired by their feathers. Stay tuned to all channels for some fun with flamingo’s in the next few weeks. Love flamingos too? Tag me. Let’s go.

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{ New artwork. Pineapple alert! }

June 1, 2015

pin4This week I got a little summery and whipped up this beauty. She’ll be available for purchase soon when the line launches.

I hear from aspiring illustrators all the time asking to see more of the making of the work so above you’ll find the first stage. What I call alien stage. I draw quickly and really circular because of my time spent with Disney. I love how she turned out. What a personality on this bird.

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{ New work: Christian Louboutin Beaute }

May 11, 2015

I think you’ll remember a little painting I did a few weeks back using the new Christian Louboutin polishes? You all loved it so much, and I loved using the polishes so I decided to try out something new.

You see a shoe box. I see a canvas.


The colors I had in hand were a set of white, yellow and blue. I didn’t let that stop me, I wanted to draw up some swan studies no matter what colors I had in hand. I began by sketching out, scribbling even, some swans and then without much thinking I used the white Louboutin polish as paint. I ended up dipping an inexpensive paintbrush into the polish bottle for the smallest parts, but avoided detail.


I was initially nervous to deface such an iconic shoe box, but I just adore the end result.

Here are some of the photos of the final product. DYING to know what you think! Do you like my swan studies? And the idea of artwork on shoe boxes? Because I do and I can’t wait for more.

swan6 swan8 swan7 swan1  swan3 swan4

{ christian louboutin beaute &  moi, Dallas Shaw. }


{ First I drew it. Then I wore it. DKNY }

April 1, 2015

The New dkny pr girl has launched today! I have been drawing her for years now and this one is special. It’s the first of an entire new season with DKNY for me. Excited to be staying on another year and I always love seeing your response to the new girl every month on twitter

bowbridgefull2 Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

In the middle of drawing this dress I fell for it hard, and decided it would be my birthday dress this year. I paired it with braids, black bootie and a corsage (a birthday gift from Sullivan Owen. ) Hope you love this dkny pr girl, and dress as much as I do.

dallasmarch0954-Exposure23123dBWccbw dallasmarch0793

{ dkny mesh dress with cutouts } { flowers by sullivan owen } { photo by alison conklin  }  { asos shoes }


{ Christian Louboutin polish project }

March 27, 2015


My job definitely has it’s perks. As gift came in the mail last week from the sweet team Christian Louboutin. It was set of the nail polish from the new collection. I took one look at the bottles and knew I wanted to create something beautiful.

Decided I’d show you what I came up with. I have been eyeing these for a while on the neiman marcus site:

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.36.39 AM… So I started with a quick pencil sketch and then for whatever reason I started with the pinks.



Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


I kept on section by section. And then picked up my paint (some Christian Louboutin) polish to add the shiny white details and some shine in the gold/blue.



 Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I love the finished product. And now I REALLY want the shoe.

Thanks for inspiring me Christian Louboutin.

{ B/c in my mind, Cinderalla wore Valentino }

March 16, 2015

All of the sparkle of the new Cinderella movie had me swooning over cool tones and sparkles and tulle. One of my favorite gowns is a Valentino number I have saved here  on my pinterest board, so in my down time this week I got my practice on by painting on of my favorite dresses.

So many of you have asked me for step by step details (and I promise you I will get my hand on a go pro for you so I can bring my process to life even better) so below a few snaps from the making of this latest piece.

OnUh7vKesiqanGYKjyOU5YZZqP_YxnxFGENncrAMM0wJxx7zcpjW_6vzoXtrwlohyikg_56naY4UqpsIg2PncufnUZVk18MpFmzPus7tXyHR4QxN9yfqtc7_KNb2H_azmyg1rVL4tN34dQNf23SMqPxfhp39NBwO-i-_zIMkjIoH6Pty1C92kfSMzFXt6saaUWCNFIufB0JRXou8On4 V9SAoQ2b_eGTQYIO8pUu8wXwpWAfPN8r1J932-7RkvXrD2oeuAc-IuqZoaYe8FTddGCx6nuVGbq_nnOqHUfKlXoDd4P4PTLTCKX7HfqIzXYN65uqohaFjFbZlMTIk-4TMde-Q6aBdA1BFQE9Dw1jaoqufZ27Ga-b_ywgOwPigBJAKZwmr249s6f57N2GkBJIPBrdfoKJTG-TM5NpyfF icjAy57HkWoBkMHXYBJ7DIfGTvsTV-l5Y6HhbXHP4jOnVeoq__sD5zIT-cUW-Ua4VT2D3XkQxvKzJOFANETqVLSVJSzz5J8k1zzFRMH1i_hFynFWssqwEatfvf41p5WoceZItHCjLrySEhvywPRJ1c_lXynbiFhgJNLlWv-7ikzk4ReJG9AilP917ChaFSG3fs0g6xv2XXAk8dvDvfX zuLlJrLHQMVJqs5cLvyE19J46wcNMgAT2YzNo4O9LiocSvBHJAlZrHMCIzGYfjhyOdJwdmO7oUU_BYv0eB7olouvWiEwZYgTpPw9aP3BuCIg7En60gyeZQs2RHaU4ooRSYPzX8vc-rGPnDuiQet2bbCkmucWCwUQewphN5rkd8d5PO0h0uAN7WTWiqrJJrLIoHb1JcWYhCRJazSWEau

{ need a new red? }

March 3, 2015

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Last week I was at my desk feeling a creative block. Which is the most frustrating thing for me since my mind is usually racing with ideas. Just then, as a began to feel angry with my lack of thought, the doorbell rang and a solution was delivered. A set of eight red lipstick shades from Marc Jacobs beauty. And just like that, creativity hit. There is something about an untouched red lipstick that feels like fashion in a tube. I’m inspired by a number of things, and beautiful beauty product is one of them.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I painted a little lip pout that I intend to use for the new line. Then went one to read the instructions that came with the set. I have warm understones so I’ll be using “goddess” and “blow” right now.

I decided I’d share this list b/c it’s so easy to follow, and also the links below to purchase. Which one are you?? Leave any questions below!

Warm undertones:

blonde, silver or red hair: { oh miley } { je t’aime }

brunette or black hair: { goddess } { blow }

Cool Undertones:

blonde, silver or red hair: { core cora } { goddess }

brunette or black hair: { rei of light } { miss scarlet }

{ Get creative or meet delete. Spring-Summer internship. }

February 26, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 7.20.41 AM

{ It’s time. SS15 internship time. }

If you are not creative do not read this message.

If you are not stylish please delete.

If you drink less that 3 cups of coffee a day, hate hip hop, don’t own any ripped denim or red lipstick and are not addicted to social media- move it along.

If you are still reading and need a creative outlet, are captivated by the runway and, *bonus*, you are a visual genius, please email with the following items.

1) a resume clearly explaining your strongest creative points, a photo of yourself and any applicable social outlets of your own (blogs, websites).

2) A clear idea and visual examples of what you could bring to the biz (drawings if you are in illustrator, photos is you are a photographer, moodboards if you are a blogger…)


Thing you should know BEFORE applying.

  • do your homework before applying for this internship. You will be working for Dallas Shaw so you should be (extremely) familiar with the DS brand, style and artwork. Lily Pulitzer is lovely. It’s just not our thing. And you should know that before beginning.
  • Be ready to work. Interns love the idea of working in fashion. “Heels and coffee sounds like fun!” Well it’s not. It’s hard work. This looks like a fashion blog, but it’s a business. I work with the top fashion houses on large art collaborations going above and beyond every expectation the industry has of me. So if showing up on time is too much to ask, the rest of this job is not for you.
  • Fashion, beauty, home trends– while it’s only part of your job you are expected to know the trends. And the trends after the trends.
  • Artwork– We design creative projects for the largest fashion houses in the world. Sometimes this means drawing, sometimes we are designing concepts, sometimes we are graphic designers for a day. Your artistic and creative skills should be strong.
  • Presentation , writing and strong speaking skills are necessary. We cannot have you shut down when the phone rings.
  • General clerical duties are a part of this position.
  • Each candidate must have a laptop to bring into office, and access to photoshop is preferred.

    Want to work? Bring it. In the words of friend and pr rep, Kristy Sevag:

    “Get creative or meet delete” .

    Read below carefully. Following instructions is your first assignment:

All applications should be sent to Title your email with your name/SS15 internship. A selection of entrants will be contacted by March 6th with a stylish assignment, and those who excel will be brought in for interviews. #getcreativeormeetdelete


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