{ Dallas picks: Avindy }

August 2, 2016

Today I’m sharing my picks from mother-daughter team Avindy. As far as beads go I really like delicate sparklers with a nod to boho with a design that still feels chic.

As most of you know I’m going through a celestial thing right now, but to much moon feels a little too hippie-dippy for me. The petite crescent moon and the diamond Anelace necklaces from Avindy  give just a hint of celestial charm without getting all fortune teller on your jewelry box.

After adding a few necklaces to the cart, head directly to the earrings page for one perfect group of mid-drops. My picks are the Labradorite Onions (wondering if the coloring on these is the same in person because whoa.)

…and the flakes with labradorite solely b/c of the color way in the cluster combo. And I’d also live in the fluorite drops and mini medallions as more everyday choices.

Tip: When buying a set like the fluorite drops drops, don’t be swayed by color, even if it’s a color you don’t normally wear. Throw them on as an everyday choice and you’ll be surprised how a quick additional color compliments your vibe.
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A few more #thingsweneed: Throw a small aqua bracelet on with a sundress, poolside and switch over to darker, thinner beads for early fall. Oh and for your fashionista’s needing something cute-but-killer for NYFW? This.


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