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June 26, 2014


When we first began to dream up redesigning my blog, we searched high and low for the perfect designers. We wanted to work with a collaborative team, someone who could see our vision and help us bring it to life, and also someone with a great eye of their own. One of our team members found Blog Milk Shop, we were immediately impressed by their incredibly clean, chic look and feel of their designs and we knew we found exactly the right team to bring this blog to the next level.

Right from the beginning we knew that Ana, the designer, and Brandi, the developer, understood the brand. During the design process Ana picked up on subtle things that we could include in the design that would make the site feel even more me. We wanted a clean site, nothing too overpowering or heavy, and we narrowed down the colors to black, white and grey with my signature gold as an accent color. And they delivered with things like the soft gold watercolor splash (from my illustrations) that pops up when you hover over an image and when you click it, it allows you to pin the image. So cool, so me. Seriously, try it below.

Pink FlowersYou’ll also notice the subtle watercolor splash on the links of where to find me socially in the right hand column. They totally just got it. 

If you’re thinking about redesigning, or even launching a blog for the first time, it’s really important that you pick a theme or create something that’s perfectly on brand with the message that you’re trying to say. We asked Ana and Brandi to help us understand the best practices for blogs and how to get your desired results…

What ‘Dallas Shaw’ factors did you take into account when designing the site?

Ana: Dallas’ brand is modern, feminine and simple. We wanted to carry that through the blog and make it as functional as possible

What special ‘Dallas’ touch is your favorite part?

Ana: I love how Dallas incorporates a touch of gold and femininity without overpowering.

What do you think makes a great blog?

Brandi: Great content makes a great blog, but truly great blogs have two things: (1) great content and (2) a clear design that makes it easy for users to interact with all aspects of the site.

What piece of advice would you give for bloggers looking to design a custom site?

Brandi: Anyone who is considering having a custom site done needs to do their homework — know what you like and dislike, know your website or blog goals, and know your content. These things make you and your site unique, and allows a website designer to create a site that meets your needs and helps accomplish your goals.

Our vision to have a site that was a beautiful place for all of you to come to, get to know me, my world and hopefully leave more inspired than you came, would absolutely never have been brought to life without Ana and Brandi and I can not thank them more. Blog Milk has great themes you can buy, or you can work on something custom with them like I did. You really can’t go wrong because you’ll end up with a gorgeous site that feels completely you either way!


  • Rita Chenoweth

    Hi, Dallas & Blog Milk Shop team,
    I appreciate the stylistic changes that have been made to your blog, but one thing you may not have considered is the font color against the background color. There is just not enough contrast to see the text clearly, especially with the italicized text. It was very frustrating this morning to find my daily dose of Dallas practically unreadable!

    • Alex

      You might need to fix the brightness on your computer ’cause it’s working great for me. Congrats Dallas!

  • Lizz

    I love the new blog design. Great tips, Blog Milk!

    – Lizz


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