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October 31, 2014

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I have been getting many questions about the little pack of framing you spotted on this previous pink bed post, as well as Instagram. It’s a collection of some of my favorite things I that had lying around the house. I thought I’d help you make your own art wall, here’s how I did it:

Start with a grouping of frames,  I actually prefer that these don’t need to match and are just complementary in color, so that you can always add another framed when needed. Find some “artwork”. You may have one or two pieces you’ve been looking to hang. A piece of my work maybe 😉 ? Start there and find some items that visually work with it. Then, the fun part.  The glory about mixed frames is you can begin with one on the wall and hang the rest wherever they feel balanced around it! I hate nothing more than measuring, so I especially enjoy this process.

My collection includes a black and white abstract oil painting by Yours Truly, Art, a greeting card, a handmade envelope that Angela Allen made for me, a postcard, an honest and fair appraisal of my appearance”  from The Bumbys, and the fortune from the cookie that was with our Chinese food the night we decorated the full room.

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