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{ dallas shaw team party & vintage charm giveaway }

November 25, 2015

There are some big changes coming to this little blog space and company this year. It’s not humanly possible for me to do it all myself. In fact, I decided to hire a team to bring all of this year’s beautiful projects to you!

I wanted to thank the team in advance so I brought everyone over for what we decided to call an “early Christmas” for team DS. Mostly because I had a group of gifts for them as a token of my appreciation. (And also, because I’ll take any excuse to decorate the dining room.)

Before they arrived I got up early to prep and decorate. I pulled out some gold and silver and mixed it with these Vintage Charm Inspired by Pyrex bowls (the nostalgia- my entire family used similar bowls growing up). I actually left the bowls right out on display.



Introducing the new DS team: Kylie, Hanna, Emily, Bethany, Danielle, and Ashley- the creative team is from all over the U.S. so having them together under one roof was really special for me and all of us. We spent the morning enjoying mimosa’s and other goodies (cheese) . Getting to know everyone was amazing, and seeing their response to the gifts were even better! The perks of the job are pretty good: personal illustrations, beauty supplies, jewelry, and of course fabulous matching planners – gotta keep them organized in style.






We had so much fun, and even took time to get down to business – because when you put this many workoholics in room we can’t help talking shop. A beautiful day, with a beautiful group of people. So much is happening these days, so keep an eye out for our new projects.

In the spirit of giving, I want to give you some gifts too! A set of the Vintage Charm bowls for yourself. The bowls come in three color-ways and you can choose which you like best. Each set contains three bowls in a variety of patterns including Pyrex classics Rise ‘N Shine, Spot On, Birds of a Feather, Golden Days, Memory Lane and Tickled Pink. The entry is easy. Tell us below how YOU are moved by vintage charm inspired by pyrex and one winner will be chosen and notified on Nov 30th!



{  sponsored by vintage charm, inspired by pyrex  }

{ ds x peruvian connection }

November 24, 2015

Some changes to my schedule have kept me on the go. When the cold sets in, so does the temptation to grab uggs and a down jacket every day. In order to keep my personal style in check when it’s chilly – I can’t really roll into business meetings looking like the michelin man- I went on the hunt for a sweater coat that isn’t just pretty but actually warm. I ended up with what I think is the perfect solution. The aptly titled “blanket-coat” kept me warm and met my personal style standards. Hard to find these days.


I found it at Peruvian Connection: “artisan apparel for nomads and romantics” sounded intriguing. I wore it with all black to keep things feeling chic. I would advise motorcycle pants and a ribbed black turleneck (a must-have for the season, make sure you have one on hand at all times.)

I have been in need for a basic black leather tote so I grabbed the newbury tote from the site as well and got a surprise when I found out that a little strap inside converts it to a bucket shape. Two-in-one! It was one of those items that I got and didn’t know how I lived without it beforehand. A few other things I added to the mix include a big-brimmed black hat, a southwestern-style belt, and black boots with a stacked heel (I’ll put a few suggestions in the widget below).
All links below in case you want to add it to your holiday shopping list. Then, check out Peruvian Connection for more cozy coats for the season. Later, “romatic nomads.”
 { blanket coat }  { jeans }  { neck }  { newbury tote }

{ DS loves VS }

November 10, 2015

Last year I was asked to create the artwork for the Victoria’s Secret fashion show press book ( oh- I also went to London for the show and hung with the angels for a few days NBD. If you haven’t seen it you should check it out on Instagram. ) So when Victoria’s Secret they called back to create more artwork I was even more flattered than the first time.

Here are the behind the scenes images from the making of this year’s image. The company wanted her to compliment last year’s bombshell so I brought her out of the archives for inspiration.

action 1

This year’s angel has darker hair and the new show robe. And is it even possible to be this jealous of one of my own drawings hair???

VS final
Hope you love her- I’m so excited to be adding this beauty to my portfolio.


{ The Victoria’s Secret fashion show airs Tuesday, Dec. 8 at 10/9c on CBS }

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