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{ Dallas Shaw x Marc Jacobs Beauty }

July 21, 2015

mj1 Today, the most beautiful package came in the mail from Marc Jacobs Beauty. Introducing some really stunning lip and nail pairings. Before I tested them out on myself, I tried them out on watercolor paper. Yep– equally beautiful there too.



{ Dallas Shaw – illustrator. tastemaker. AUTHOR?! }

July 20, 2015


Today, a huge announcement.

I have signed with publisher William Morrow to have my own book!!!!! I’m going to say it again, because I haven’t yet processed it- I , DALLAS SHAW, AM GOING TO HAVE MY  OWN  BOOK.

I never- in a million years- thought that this would be something I’d get to experience in life and am so thankful (and nervous. and excited.) for the opportunity. Because I haven’t even processed this yet, I’ll just attach the official announcement for you below.

” It’s official. Artist and tastemaker Dallas Shaw has signed her recognizable signature on William Morrow’s dotted line to bring her leggy fashion illustrations and enviable personal style directly into your manicured hands– in book form. The full color style journal, planned for Spring 2017, will inspire readers to discover their inner personal style star. Shaw plans to take her readers on a personal fashion journey filled with style challenges to help you develop your eye, define your aesthetic, banish the predictable, and make heads turn, with original illustrations throughout. This is the first time Shaw’s work will be available in print for her audience.

Starting right now, team DS is searching high and low for the most beautiful clothing, beauty products, shoot locations (shouldn’t be too difficult considering her client list). Oh yeah, she’ll need some paintbrushes too.
Followers, prepare to rebrand yourself with Dallas Shaw at your side and in your closet. Until then, follow along with the making of this book and more behind the scenes adventures on instagram.com/dallasshaw “

Crazy, right? Beginning in just a few weeks I’ll be bringing this style workbook to life, and I plan on sharing as much as they will possibly allow me to! Wanted to share it with everyone today. Hoping you are as excited as I am and that you will encourage everyone you know to follow along- I will probably need your help along the way!


{ Dallas Shaw x Made Real }

July 15, 2015

Events are one of my favorite items on my lengthy services list. Sometimes I attend an opening and shop with attendees, other times I get to draw for them.  This past week I was brought to Brooklyn (my first trip to Brooklyn btw) to attend and draw on the rooftop of the McCarren Hotel at an event celebrating “Made Real”.
What I can tell you: every event is completely different, you never know what turnout will be like, but this one was PACKED. People were in line for illustrations before we even “officially” started at 6, and still getting in line after we were out of both time and light– My last illustration we actually used a light on the client’s cell phone to try to see the paper!

Everyone that came out was super stylish so turning them into a quick illustration was a piece of cake. Here are a few of my favorite moments from that beautiful evening of drawing on rooftops in NYC.





{ x x }

{ maven collection }

July 8, 2015

Last week I was introduced to my favorite new store: maven collection. We actually connected via instagram, when I somehow stumbled across their breathtaking rug collection. I have been searching high and low for moroccan rugs for my home and office and their selection is by far one of the best I’ve found.


Most of you saw the last post , either here or across instagram, and all of the comments had the same tone: “those rugs!?!?!” so I thought I should give up the info. What you need to know:

– the website is Maven Collection.

– My favorite are the rugs and floor pillows – def check those two sections out. (the wedding blankets are under the blankets section.)

– more specifically here are my favorite items: We bought this beauty. What I didn’t realize was alot of these floor pillows have a different pattern on the other side! This one flipped to a red, cream, pink and orange stripe. LOVE the raised knit here, and check out the other side- MINT!

This  vintage moroccan azilal rug is by far my favorite rug and I might go back and buy it.

My office is like “The sawyer, please.”

And oh, The 101 Brown Dalmations Blanket?!  Maybe the coolest wedding blanket I’ve ever seen.

NP4 NP3The blanket in the photo is available right here: http://mavencollection.com/collections/blankets-throws/products/handira-wedding-blanket

Hang them, place them at the bottom of your bed- whatever you do, put them somewhere everyone can admire them. Each item is SO beautiful. Happy shopping everyone!

{ maven collection }

{ clay all day }

July 7, 2015

NP5 NP9  I have a new favorite color (good luck keeping up with this b/c I’m an artist and it changes every week). This week, it’s clay. And I want terracotta everything. Dresses, heels, lipstick, bags, blush for Christ’s sake. EVERYTHING. NP16

It started with this dress that came from Krisa Clothing. I don’t own anything this color and so I hung it on my door for about a week. “Do I like this?” “Does the hemline shorten me?” I couldn’t decide, so I do what I often do when I can’t decide- I wore it. I paired it with espadrille wedges, jewelry and gold mirrored sunglasses and POOF- I. love. this. dress. I went all clay- even on my makeup and I’m sharing because this is going to be one of those dresses for me. The kind that before I had it I didn’t know how much I needed it. NP11

There are a few other things you need to know. The gold sunglasses really worked for amping up the clay effect, and this bag- from J Crew is also a new favorite. It’s classic, two toned leather and it’s on sale. Major sale right now. Like, additional-40%-off-of-the-sale-price sale. Use code SHOPFAST and it goes from the original $328 to $112! If you are shopping for an everyday-everywhere bag, this is it. I’d go fast though- these tend to sell quickly plus the same bag in a new shape is still full price there.

As far an espadrilles, mine are by schutz and have since sold out so I left you a few favorites below to shop from.

Jewelry is a mix but most of it is from Marlyn Schiff Jewelry. I have these hoops with the red stone, and a few of their simple cuffs in this picture.

Click the links above or scroll through the photos below to shop these items, or build your own clay look for yourself!

ps) loving those moroccan wedding blankets- more on that tomorrow.




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