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{ balmain love }

April 30, 2015


I have been working on my new paper line and really feeling a lot of artist’s block due to over-thinking. Yesterday I decided I’d use some of my favorite pieces and just see what comes out of it. The balmain 2012 collection is one of my favorites (yes I know that’s an old collection, but it’s that good that it resonated). If you haven’t seen it, take a moment to click through here.

There is a jacket that looks like a palace that I’ve dreamed about ever since I laid eyes on it. Thought I’d attempt to bring it to life in an illustration and here is what I came up with. Hope you like her?

{ need some artwork? dallasshaw.com }

{ trying to draw…distracted by ted baker florals }

April 29, 2015

tb-2 tb-3 tb

Wouldn’t you be distracted by these beauties too though? I wore mine with jeans and a a striped shirt today. The hardest part was decided which pair. A number of you asked where to buy on instagram this week. I posted previously and looks like most are sold out on the Ted Baker site from last post, but I found a few links for your shopping pleasure. Enjoy:


{ The Laundress- and a discount for you }

April 28, 2015

laundress2 laundress5 laundress3 laundress4 laundress1

I’m having a spring clothing cleaning crisis. Three times this month I took some very expensive pieces to the popular dry cleaner in town ( who shall remain nameless but, you know who you are) and the items, all three mind you, came back exactly the same way as I took them in. I am not a messy person so I think a teeny bit of makeup here or there should be easy to remove if you know what you’re doing, but based on my result at said dry cleaner I felt like giving up.

Most of the items I was bringing in said I could hand wash but I just didn’t trust myself with stain removal. I’m good at alot of things- cleaning has never been one of my talents. So I called some friends at The Laundress and asked them to motivate me and turn me into a confident at-home-cleaning machine.

It was either good timing or a sign from above b/c they are currently encouraging everyone to take their 30-Day Clean Home Challenge. (Get 20% off when you buy 3 or more of their nontoxic, eco-friendly solutions.  Not quite ready to commit to the challenge? That’s ok. Sign up for their newsletter and they ’ll send you a free sample to get you started. boom. )

A few days later, some new products  arrived at my door along with a small how-to booklet (thank god). The packaging was so pretty that I hardly wanted to open any of them. Maybe this will make cleaning more fun? I grabbed a j crew tee that I wore only once and had had a small makeup spot on the front. I followed directions and pre-treated with their stain solution, and then hand washed with the signature detergent. “Out damned spot!” Not only did it work but smelled really great so I followed up with adding two capfulls to my next load of laundry. Obsessed with that clean laundry smell.

I felt good so moved onto my next challenge: using the scented vinegar as a rinse aid in the dishwasher. Absolutely worked- no spots! And then I started to feel good so I tried what I was most nervous about- the all purpose bleach aid. Used one my white denim- they were already pretty white, so I’ll try this again soon.

Overall I can tell you that I’m kind of hooked. I even decided what I want next from the site ( a sweater comb and wool and cashmere spray.)

Now for some fun, discounts and samples for you:

Want to show off your 30-Day Clean Home Challenge experiences and see the results other Laundress customers are having? Stains gone? Rooms transformed from meh to magnificent? Share before and after photos or just swap stories with fellow detoxers. Challenge your friends and tag #thelaundress #TL30dayclean @thelaundress

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{ cake cake cake cake… }

April 27, 2015


Last month I celebrated a birthday, which had me thinking not about age but about cake. I decided to take some time to design a few in hopes that I could inspire you to treat yourself to something special for your next celebration.

The thing I most wanted to see in terms of cake trends is (true to DS style) mixing and matching mini cakes. I love the idea of a few smaller cakes and different heights across a table that act as much of a decoration as a treat.

I called my friend Amy, an aspiring baker and asked her to whip me up two cakes, fast. Here were my instructions to her:

“For the first: a white two tiered cake, the icing shouldn’t be rounded at corners but sharp and imperfect. And the icing should be creamy and have tiny black seeds in it- almost like poppy seed. (she used vanilla bean. I didn’t care – I was in it for the color.)

For the second: a small-but-tall naked cake. Imperfectly cut sides, with a pink icing.”


Next step, I called Sullivan Owen and tell her about my cake design visions. Sullivan is a true artist so instead of dropping flowers off for this she showed up at the house with hundreds of pink, red and white options. I put it on instagram. It was amazing.

My instructions to Sullivan.

“Cake #1: A mix of white pink and red flowers that don’t feel overly girly when mixed b/c of greenery and unique placement. If bohemian chic was cake, but don’t get too island-y it just isn’t me. And for cake #2: heavy deep pinks on top, less greenery and cascading flowers down one side.”

I’m not quite sure how Sullivan actually brought my design to life, but she did and watching her do it was inspiring in itself. She is a true master at placement and floral styling and after working with her I couldn’t imagine working with anyone else for this. If you are looking for florals for an upcoming event she is your girl. Having her in my home was such a treat- looking fwd to seeing you again soon, Sullivan.



cake4  cake1


After the cakes were decorated I wanted them to be different heights as I said in the beginning so I added a baby blue cake stand (I love this shade mixed in with red and pinks, and then a low vintage plate with floral designs on it for the naked cake.

Before we ate them with some close friends along with laughs and champagne toasts to another successful year, Alison took some photos so that I could always remember the cakes I brought to life. I wanted to share them with you and I hope it serves as inspiration. I believe in bringing your personal style to everything around you, even the food on your table and look forward to seeing what you dream up.

{ Show us what you came up with? If you used this post for inspiration tag @dallasshaw so I can share with the followers on Facebook. }

{ Amy’s Sweet Bake Shop } { Sullivan Owen } { Alison Conklin } { dkny dress }

{ DS picks: Lana Jewelry }

April 24, 2015

Yesterday, I was peeking around at opal jewelry when I stumbled upon a website full of pretty things: Lana jewelry.

What I really like about the pieces below (sharing just my favorites) is the chain detail. The delicate cut of the chain is perfect and I love how it surrounds the gemstone and swoops across the front. Here are a few that I think are really special. The earrings up top are my faaaavorite – you?

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Look fwd to keeping up with everyone on instagram and twitter until Mon!

{ lana jewelry }

{ pink parks in DE }

April 23, 2015

thisweekendOn Friday, after my last meeting of the week I took some time to hit the park by my house. Delaware is a sea of white and pink right now. If you live anywhere nearby, I suggest you get out there and enjoy all of the blooms before they fall away.

Thought I’d share what I wore for the day of work and play .

{ 1 ray bans } {2 this striped h&m dress } { 3 nude netted ankle socks } { 4 black structured bag containing my life } { 5  brown booties } {6  rhinestone studs} { 7 red karma } { 8 daniel wellington } {9 forgot this above but also wore this necklace }



{ Lilac Bijoux Giveaway }

April 22, 2015


On my visit to MD I stopped in Lilac Bijoux, a beautiful boutique who commissioned me to do some artwork for the store a few years ago. After visiting the work I took a spin around the store and found a bracelet that I fell in love with. An opal colored hamsa bracelet. The chain is so delicate and the hand so vibrant in color.

I brought one home with me and have been wearing it daily, so I asked Fern (Lilac Bijoux’s owner, and a past client of mine) if we could “please please please” give one away to you!

I chose the opal for myself but it also comes in a pretty, sparkly white that she says is the best selling color. Because this space is all about finding your own personal style, I decided the winner should have your choice of color: opal or white.

Entering is easy as usual! Follow both @dallasshaw & lilac bijoux on instagram to enter!!! That’s it!

Bonus entry* want to enter a friend? Find this photo on my instagram and tag a friend. They’ll be entered as well. How sweet are you????

Please leave us a comment here after you have done so with your email so we can contact the winner! Contest open for one week! Good luck, I hope you love this one!!!


{ I have a thing for Burberry…and pink telephone booths.}

April 17, 2015

A few weeks ago I dropped by the Burberry offices to talk about beauty product. And trench coats. And work too we did talk about work. The team was kind enough to send me home with some new product to play with. And that, I did.

Wanted to share my day of play with you, step by step. Hope you love.

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{ flopz giveaway!!! }

April 16, 2015

IMG_1889 flopz

A few months ago, on my Grand Cayman getaway a brought along a pair of new flip flops by Flopz, the green pair in all of the photos here are from that trip. I brought along two pairs of sandals and these- thinking that I’d only wear them on the beach. Wrong. One wear and I was hooked. As if the green glitter straps weren’t enough, the sole of these have little bubble shapes in them (they look like water droplets) and they are SOOOOOOO comfy. I called them to ask if we could share a pair with you and they agreed!

Super simple entry:

1) follow @dallasshaw on instagram then,

2) visit flopz leave a comment below with your color choice and email address to enter. (we just need to email the winner)

Contest is live through April 22. good luck, and that you so much for reading.

{ photo fun w/ Alison Conklin }

April 15, 2015


I spend most of my time bts for wok. Drawing, designing and directing visuals. But every now and then, companies want me to appear in a product shots and when that happens I call up Alison Conklin. She has been a long time friend and I learn so much from working with her. When shoots happen with Alison we have some fun. Faces are made, Miley Cyrus is played and sometimes corsages are worn of heads after we shoot- but somehow she always captures the prettiest moments.

The photo above is one of my favorites from the last time she was here. Yes that’s my birthday corsage (by sullivan owen) and the essie matt black polish I’m still desperately trying to figure out. If you are in the area, or maybe even if you’re not, Alison’s your girl.

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