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{ Cure the winter blues }

March 5, 2015


I am working on a side project that has me focusing on Navy this week. And with that came the realization that I own very little navy. And very little royal, powder blue, teal… I never realized it but my closet is full of white, black gray, metallics and, with the exception of my chambray shirt collection, zero blue.

Decided I’d fix that this spring. Above my top nordstrom picks in blue… more on this to follow…

See something you have to have? shop below.

{ Still wearing Samantha Wills… }

March 4, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 12.27.45 PM Screen Shot 2015-02-24 at 1.45.30 PM

Still wearing these Samantha Wills stacks. I am just in love with the way they mix. As I mentioned here, I am going through this thing where I pile up on one designer. Very literally. What’s nice about this grouping I picked out for myself is that I can wear just one, one set or all pile them on in a million ways. It’s important for me b/c I’m an artist and am indecisive with my accessories. Sometimes I want a lot, and sometimes just a little. With this group I have all of my options.


” I don’t know how to mix my jewelry, Dallas.”

Stop it, and make it simple: Choose 5 fingers. Decorate those and then mix mix mix.

Below, the goodies I invested in from Samantha Wills in case you want to simplify even further and just copy my set. I’m fine with it and so is she.

1) I started with these ring set because it was my favorite by far. { aztec dreaming ring set in lapis. The rose gold mixed with the deep blue & diamonds got me. Good job SW. }

2) And then I picked it up in two colors. Because- mixing is my jam. { aztec ring , in turq }

3) Then two more pieces but this time larger. But kept the two shades in rose gold and gold for mixing. { Adventure state ring & my heart’s infinity }

4) a couple of plain stacking rings that match the adventure state to finish it off.  { tomorrow’s moon stacking rings }

{ need a new red? }

March 3, 2015

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Last week I was at my desk feeling a creative block. Which is the most frustrating thing for me since my mind is usually racing with ideas. Just then, as a began to feel angry with my lack of thought, the doorbell rang and a solution was delivered. A set of eight red lipstick shades from Marc Jacobs beauty. And just like that, creativity hit. There is something about an untouched red lipstick that feels like fashion in a tube. I’m inspired by a number of things, and beautiful beauty product is one of them.

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset

I painted a little lip pout that I intend to use for the new line. Then went one to read the instructions that came with the set. I have warm understones so I’ll be using “goddess” and “blow” right now.

I decided I’d share this list b/c it’s so easy to follow, and also the links below to purchase. Which one are you?? Leave any questions below!

Warm undertones:

blonde, silver or red hair: { oh miley } { je t’aime }

brunette or black hair: { goddess } { blow }

Cool Undertones:

blonde, silver or red hair: { core cora } { goddess }

brunette or black hair: { rei of light } { miss scarlet }

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