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{ DS picks: FP spring sandal list }

March 30, 2015

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This weekend I popped into Free People, left with some sandals and then hit the computer to decide on a few others. In the summer I have a uniform : ripped, oversized denim shorts, plain tee, lots of accessories and great sandals. Each year I pick up a few new styles from different places but I may have to grab more than one this year from Free People.  I took home the Oliviera’s above (they are currently hanging from my crystal doorknob and they may remain there as a decor piece for a bit), but I’m also trying to narrow down my options for pair #2. Below are my list of favorites: The Sunever Sandal in both washed black and I actually also LOVE the turquoise. I feel like when you get a shoe that is in a color you own nothing of, it somehow goes with everything you own. The magnolia slope clog in brown is kind of awesome. Haven’t work clogs since early middle school so maybe it’s time I bring them back. And my last pick is the simple and beautiful Tessa sandal. Links below so you can shop my picks for yourself. Just take it easy on size 6, leave some for me! 😉

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.27.42 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.28.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.29.25 PM Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 12.33.14 PM

{ oliveira } { tessa } { sunever } { magnolia }


{ you may have noticed…Lulu Frost }

March 28, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.02.16 PM

You may have noticed some new additions to my wardrobe this month. I mean how could you not have, there are some pretty statement pieces turning up all over my instagram. I have added a few (four, whatever) pieces to my Lulu Frost collection and I’m just wearing them non-stop. Sharing my love for the brand here because I know you’re going to ask. Get ready to see alot of it.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.54.42 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-24 at 3.48.05 PM

{ top: cleo triple necklace with swift necklace , middle: kinship pearl necklace, bottom: cactus flower statement necklace , photos by alison conklin }

{ Christian Louboutin polish project }

March 27, 2015


My job definitely has it’s perks. As gift came in the mail last week from the sweet team Christian Louboutin. It was set of the nail polish from the new collection. I took one look at the bottles and knew I wanted to create something beautiful.

Decided I’d show you what I came up with. I have been eyeing these for a while on the neiman marcus site:

Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 10.36.39 AM… So I started with a quick pencil sketch and then for whatever reason I started with the pinks.



Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset   Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset


I kept on section by section. And then picked up my paint (some Christian Louboutin) polish to add the shiny white details and some shine in the gold/blue.



 Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset I love the finished product. And now I REALLY want the shoe.

Thanks for inspiring me Christian Louboutin.

{ Spring must have: the shirtdress }

March 26, 2015

Just like that. Last week they were everywhere- the new shirtdresses and the best ones have changed shape this season. Longer, and uneven in length, these create a surprisingly stylish, and comfortable silhouette. What you need to know: The front should graze knee and the back falls just lower creating a smock-like effect that looks on the hanger like it might not be the most flattering. But try it on and you feel effortlessly thrown together. I’m only 5’2 and I still love the style.

Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.04.55 PM

{ I wore it with… }

… super distressed flat boots that I picked up at Free People and over the knee socks. This dress moves around as you walk so you get a peek at those when you sit down. (In the summer I’ll go with brown and gold flat sandals.) At that point in dressing I felt a little to earthy-looking so I added not one, but two Lulu Frost pieces, a Daniel Wellington Watch and a mulberry bag. Gotta mix it up to feel like myself and all that gold hardware did the trick. Oh and black aviators. These were about $12. Score.


Screen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.02.55 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-24 at 12.01.33 PM

{ What you’ll need }

This is a three step look. 1) The perfect shirtdress (I have scoured tons of sites for you. These are the best three. Promise. and your welcome.) 2) over-the-knee socks. You can wear these over or under the knee depending on boot length. Be sure to avoid all OTK socks with ruffles or anything that might make you look…well…let’s just be real, slutty. and 3) an OTK boot. Choose one you can also wear with you favorite denim and oversized sweater. The best things about this look is that you’ll wear all three of these pieces over and over again.

The top look below is similar to mine above. Pair the navy dress with a distressed black for an unexpected and effortless combo. The 2nd is so chic. Loose the sock altogether for this one, or add a printed pattern that just barely shows under the boot. I mean it. No OTK sock here. It will ruin you. Or 3, a beautiful washed stripe is nice for spring. I like a black sock and boot with this to play against the prettiness of this one.

There you have it. I did your work for you. Now all you have to do is choose which is most “you” and shop the post below.

I have added all links for you in widget. Scroll through and click to each product to purchase. Happy shopping and feel free to leave any questions below.


shirtdress{ photos by alison conklin }

{ office sloth }

March 25, 2015

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I have a new office mascot. Rocco didn’t get replaced, he’s just been in a another room since the Rue Mag shoot, so Sparky joined my in the hot seat this week. And he’s cute.

Below some Slothy things for you lazy readers.

30565741_004_b 34230235_095_b 34515171_009_b

{ DS picks: Nordstrom Denim Wardrobe }

March 17, 2015

nordsdenimLook at the jeans in your closet. Betting you own a few blue jeans that are the same length and practically the same wash. When spring hits I want to hit the park in denim, a tee, flats or sneaks with my dogs and still look nice, but I always end up in my “go-too” pair. If you are a creative girl chances are wearing denim often and even to work is acceptable. Whats not acceptable? Wearing the same pair every day for a year. Above, I’m using examples from Nordstrom to teach you how to build your own denim wardrobe.

The rules: white. gray. light blue. dark wash. black. And  you are only allowed 2 pairs in each color- one distressed. one reg ( no holes). It will help you hoarders purge and guide the uncertain shoppers. And, as an additional help, I’m sharing my favorite picks from Nordstrom. (no.2 and 5 are my fave). Happy spring-shopping.

{ no.1- skinny ankle, optic white } { no.2- finn distressed white } { no.3- Le Skinny, Grey’s inn } { no.4- shredded skinny } {no.5- high rise, mateos } { no. 6 – the skinny, la paz } { no.7- arielle jeans } { no.8- 620 in black diamond } { no.9- rikki skinny ankle jeans } { no.10- beth baby bootcuts }  { no.11 – verdugo crop skinny jeans } { n0.12- le color rip, film noir }

{ B/c in my mind, Cinderalla wore Valentino }

March 16, 2015

All of the sparkle of the new Cinderella movie had me swooning over cool tones and sparkles and tulle. One of my favorite gowns is a Valentino number I have saved here  on my pinterest board, so in my down time this week I got my practice on by painting on of my favorite dresses.

So many of you have asked me for step by step details (and I promise you I will get my hand on a go pro for you so I can bring my process to life even better) so below a few snaps from the making of this latest piece.

OnUh7vKesiqanGYKjyOU5YZZqP_YxnxFGENncrAMM0wJxx7zcpjW_6vzoXtrwlohyikg_56naY4UqpsIg2PncufnUZVk18MpFmzPus7tXyHR4QxN9yfqtc7_KNb2H_azmyg1rVL4tN34dQNf23SMqPxfhp39NBwO-i-_zIMkjIoH6Pty1C92kfSMzFXt6saaUWCNFIufB0JRXou8On4 V9SAoQ2b_eGTQYIO8pUu8wXwpWAfPN8r1J932-7RkvXrD2oeuAc-IuqZoaYe8FTddGCx6nuVGbq_nnOqHUfKlXoDd4P4PTLTCKX7HfqIzXYN65uqohaFjFbZlMTIk-4TMde-Q6aBdA1BFQE9Dw1jaoqufZ27Ga-b_ywgOwPigBJAKZwmr249s6f57N2GkBJIPBrdfoKJTG-TM5NpyfF icjAy57HkWoBkMHXYBJ7DIfGTvsTV-l5Y6HhbXHP4jOnVeoq__sD5zIT-cUW-Ua4VT2D3XkQxvKzJOFANETqVLSVJSzz5J8k1zzFRMH1i_hFynFWssqwEatfvf41p5WoceZItHCjLrySEhvywPRJ1c_lXynbiFhgJNLlWv-7ikzk4ReJG9AilP917ChaFSG3fs0g6xv2XXAk8dvDvfX zuLlJrLHQMVJqs5cLvyE19J46wcNMgAT2YzNo4O9LiocSvBHJAlZrHMCIzGYfjhyOdJwdmO7oUU_BYv0eB7olouvWiEwZYgTpPw9aP3BuCIg7En60gyeZQs2RHaU4ooRSYPzX8vc-rGPnDuiQet2bbCkmucWCwUQewphN5rkd8d5PO0h0uAN7WTWiqrJJrLIoHb1JcWYhCRJazSWEau

{ GIVEAWAY- Mane Message }

March 12, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.39.59 PMScreen Shot 2015-03-10 at 5.41.41 PM

Watch my instagram carefully and you’ll notice that there is always a little touch of tie dye on my wrist. I keep a mane message elastic hair tie literally ON me at all times. They are so much prettier than regular pony tail holders and your hair doesn’t have a ponytail crease when you take them out.

I have a pretty large collection of these on display in a glass container because I just like to grab one and go. No time to be digging around my bag for a hair tie. They are too pretty to hide away- I suggest this or keeping them in a pretty bowl by your nightstand.

Since others have asked me about this and mentioned they loved the idea, I called up Olivia at Mane Message and we decided to give a reader their own collection. One reader will receive $50 worth of these babies to wear in your hair (and on your wrist) and enough to keep on display as well if you like my idea. You grab something to house them in and we’ll take care of the goodies!

How to enter: follow @dallasshaw & @manemessage on instagram and then leave us a comment here on this blog to tell us you have followed along with your email address so we can contact the winner!

{ Contest open through March 19th }


{ Things we need: spring blush }

March 9, 2015

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Ever since Bobbi brown discontinued her Coral blush stick (doh!) I’ve been trying out a rainbow of blush colors trying to replace my favorite shade. Luckily, the amount of beauty product that comes to this house on a daily basis is embarrassing. The amount of that that I actually keep, use and try in new ways would surprise you- a lot of it. I am an artist and I love color, so when packages of bright product arrive deskside, I drop all paintbrushes for a blush brush. Today I decided to get rid of some old product, but in that I made a list of my favorite blush shades. The photo above is of my desk this weekend. Of the hundreds here in office- I go back to the same ones. I hope it helps any of you looking for a new go-to shade or maybe one of you who is building your blush collection. I love an extra-rosey cheek for Spring so want to have you prepared for the sun.

Below is a list of my favorites, with links so you can shop the picks yourself. Feel free to leave any questions about product here on the blog and I’ll do my best to answer.

1) Bare Minerals Fruit Cocktail – this may not look bright on the website but trust me it’s bright. Very bright. Trust me again and try it because the deep pigmented pop of pink is so pretty. I love to play up it’s romantic feel with minimal eye makeup, a strong brow and a messy knot.

2) Bobbi Brown Apricot – This has been a part of my collection for a long time. Another bright, but a more peachy-pink than the color above. I wear this shade high on the apples of my cheek for a flirty, girly vibe and I have a number of friends who use it that are a lighter skintone so I highly recommend giving this one a shot.

3) The third and last bright is Dolce & Gabbana’s coral red– I haven’t seen this on any fair skin (so please weigh in if you have) but on my olive skintone this rich red-orange is like a dose of caffeine. I go light on the product and look awake and instantly sunkissed. I can’t wait to see this in the summer with a tan and a metallic brown eye.

4) Stila Convertible Color in Sweet Pea – For me, cream blush is a must-have. This one is a nice neutral. I would recommend not shying away from the cream for best result. Put two fingers in the pot, swirl 3-4 full times, press firmly along cheekbones and rub in using small circles. This creme really makes your skin look beautiful when used the right way.

5) Estee Lauder Pure Color blush Peach Passion– For the color shy, this ones is a light peach-pink and goes on thin and light. Works well with a heavy eye color. Truth be told I’ve never turned down any Estee Lauder product because they win at packaging.

6) Nars Orgasm– b/c duh. Cult product and very well deserved.

7) Tata Harper Lip Cheek tint in very vivacious– I’ve tried a few shades here and this is by far my favorite. It’s orange tint add just the right amount of color and does not look like orange on my cheek (in a good way). It’s matte, it smells amazing and it’s a lip tint too so when in a rush press into your lips after your cheeks (no lip liner here) and you’re all set when on the go.

8) Last but not least, the newest purchase in my collection Make Up For Ever in Peach Beige – This creme blush is a little darker in shade than it’s title suggests. It’s a nice neutral and is thinner in consistency than the above Stila shade. Plus they have a million shades to choose from at Sephora. Ok, not a million, sixteen.

Have questions about any of the shades? I’ll try to answer to the best of my ability! Happy shopping.





{ help me relax }

March 6, 2015

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 8.55.25 AMBeing sick is for the birds. What does help when you can’t move? An amazing bed situation. I spent almost two full days in bed sick last week when I started to feel like maybe I should bed some time here when I am actually able to relax.

I’m about to take some time this weekend to revamp my relax-mode. I’ve got the bedding down for the most part but, does anyone want to share any cool sleep gadgets, books, tricks for being able to relax when you work at home?

{ photo by alison conklin }

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