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January 29, 2015

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This blog is usually a place where I share my favorite picks from stores online and a place where I can share my artwork but today it’s a place where I am sharing inspiration. There is just something about Chanel’s spring summer 2015 show…


Watch the video here and feel inspired.

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January 27, 2015

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{ G I V E A W A Y  }

My job allows me to learn about all sorts of different companies in art, fashion, home, accessories and beauty product. My favorite types of product? Anything customizable. Sharing one of my go-to sites today, Gemvara, which features customizable fine jewelry in real precious metals and genuine gemstones for  (wait for it), they have just launched GV by Gemvara, a new line that offers the same quality of custom fine jewelry for under $200. Each piece is customized by you and then handcrafted in New York in three real precious metals, not plated or dipped, and over 20 gemstones.

I thought I’d share since we are approaching valentines day. (It’s a good time to drop a little hint.) Your guy can’t go wrong here- one of a kind pieces at a price point he can afford. GV is made up of two collections, the delicate and bold collections, capturing both delicate and bold modern trends. I  also visit the site for their stacking rings. I’m very specific in colors I like to wear and since I’m shopping for spring I wanted a silver/ yellow/ diamond/southwestern chic vibe happening on my fingers. Whatever your reason for visiting, I hope you have fun designing something just right for you.


To enter to win a $150 gift card to GV By Gemvara, click HERE, sign up for their email list and leave a comment on this post with your favorite GV By Gemvara piece. The giveaway ends on 1-30-15.

PRIZE: (1) $150 credit to Gemvara


MORE INFORMATION: Free shipping and 101-day returns. Find out more on the quality of gems and metals here


{ Who’s That Girl, featuring Manor. }

January 26, 2015

wtg122A strange talent of mine? Helping people find their personal overall style. Not just in fashion- but in life. So I’m bringing back the Who’s that Girl posts. This one features some goodies from my close friend’s new shop, Manor. Hope it inspires you:

Who’s that girl?

1) She only wears one pair of hoops but they are gooooood. 2) She’s hopelessly drawn to blue. 3) She likes puzzles. 4) She wears black Balenciaga. 5) She’s fierce. 6) She’s from the south. 7) She likes a boy named Henry. 8) She layers jewelry with precision. 9) She’s a little shady. 10) The only floral she’ll carry is men’s Givenchy. 11) She believes in the power of crystals. 12) She loves a 2 o’clock nap.

Be that girl. Links below and more at Manor :


{ home tours? }

January 23, 2015


I have gotten alot of your notes requesting home tours, and so weekly I’ll be sharing a home post from my home. Is there anything specifically you’d like to see there? Please let me know and I’ll try my best to address!

Above a little shot from the office. Fresh flowers ALWAYS. Have a good weekend everyone!


{ beauty inspiration: think pink }

January 20, 2015



Still confused on how to wear pink? My favorite way to wear pink product is when the rest of your look isn’t overly girly. Throw your hair up in a loose bun and mess it up. Add pointy brown flats and a striped basic tee or an oversized gray sweater and go. Make sense?

My favorite pink shadow right now is a mix of two Bobbi Brown cream shadows ( velvet plum with a touch of cool lilac ) which creates kind of a mauve-y tone. Something about it feels less princess-like than most shimmery pink shadows. For face, add a blush with a brown tone to balance out the matte pink you’ll also wear on your lip. I go with Nars contour blush in Olympia. Next, add your second pink: lipstick queen’s “saint pink”. I apply it with a finger so it’s a little imperfect and for this look skip the lip liner. A light dusting of bronzer, highlighter and black mascara and you’re out the door.

Shop the post:


{ It All Started with a Mouse }

January 19, 2015


The question I get asked most from aspiring artists and fashionistas is when and how I got my start. The truth is, I’ve had a few official “starts” and I expect this year to be a new start of it’s own. I started drawing when I was around four and learned I had a true talent in elementary school. I started working for my Uncle (Jeff D’Angelo) in Scranton when I was in high school and I knew I had some things to learn if I wanted this as a career. He is a hard working artist and taught me the basics of painting and prop styling. Then, I got my own fresh start as an artist when I worked for Walt Disney World.



I decided at a young age it’s where I wanted to work and contacted the head animator when I was in grade school. I explained my goals and intentions and he thought I was a bit young to begin working in 6th grade like I had hoped, but did agree to guide me in choosing courses if I decided I had the same goals in college. I did, and I followed his directions. I interned with the WDW college program for a few summers and after graduation moved my life from Scranton, PA to Orlando, FL weeks after graduating from college. The move was poor timing on many accounts, there was very little $ involved in my new job but I had a dream I needed to address and the support of my husband, so we packed up our lives and hoped for the best.

I began at the bottom of the ladder, teaching guests how to draw Disney characters in a computer based animation class. Then I hosted animation tours and drew more with visitors. Eventually I made my way into the animation building.

Long story short, I left after some time to explore starting my own career (and I’ll share more about my next steps in doing that here soon) but I did want to share my starting point with you. My heart will always be with Disney: the friends I made there, the time spent with my family at the castle, and the business lessons I took with me and I would work for the company again in a heartbeat. (actually , I genuinely hope I get to work for Disney again sometime in a creative role.)

A note to young readers: understand that hard work, internships, open mindedness and willingness to try new things is where you learn the most when beginning on a new path.

Anyone else ever work for Disney or a company you’ll always remember?

{ New York against the World }

January 14, 2015

Sara Kerens, Dallas Shaw, NYC Black NYC Outfit Sara Kerens, Dallas Shaw, NYC Black NYC Outfit Sara Kerens, Dallas Shaw, NYC Black NYC Outfit

On my most recent trip to NY I visited with clients at a Cafe Grumpy and took a nice walk through Chelsea. I often have to sit and explain my job in person b/c it’s pretty unique. I am an artist, and a tastemaker so companies hire me not only to lend illustrations to a campaign but also to be a creative director or designer in that project- lending my personal style and name somehow. After my meetings, and before a fun event which I’ll post, I wandered around Chelsea with ny photog and friend, Sara Kerens. She snapped a few photos which I thought I’d share. I love a graphic tee/sweatshirt so I thought I’d share a few of my favorites below. 1) They are always affordable 2) Who doesn’t love an item you can wear them with jeans and mocs, cozy up with in bed or pair with a skirt and booties for a ladies night.

{ photos by Sara Kerens }

{ Every day pin spree }

January 13, 2015

9363f2500d48ea1f3841a923558607ad Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 11.19.20 AM c401a33c99bd4a7ab5e18bd18e0920eb fe711164a5d80f6b68177e982eda252dI have connected with so many you on twitter, instagram and here on the blog, but I wanted to take a moment to remind you of a place I am equally as active: pinterest. Every day, often twice a day, I stop work and I share 15-20 of my personal favorites I am coming across online. My job as a fashion illustrator has me on countless websites every morning researching color, silhouettes and new collections. I edit my favorites and share those every day. So technically I’m doing all of your shopping for you- all you have to do is remember to visit me there.

In case you haven’t been yet, above you”ll find my personal picks from the week.

Get shopping:  { Dallas Shaw on pinterest }

{ Love, Philly part 2 }

January 12, 2015

ph2 ph3 ph5 ph6

Happy Monday everyone. Before the week starts I wanted to share the 2nd group of photos from Philadelphia. I love the colors I was able to capture around sunset. I had such a nice time there but the truth is I know nothing about Philly. I decided I’ll take myself back soon, but does anyone have favorite restaurants or stores there you can share with me below? Would appreciate it!


{ Love, Philly }

January 9, 2015

ph11 ph10 ph9 ph8 ph7

This week I visited someplace that I never EVER visit- Philadelphia. It’s so close, but all of my clients are in NYC so I tend to go directly from my home-studio in DE to NY and right back. I was invited to check out a few restaurants in the area when I was featured as one of DE’s businesswomen of the year but I never got around to it- for a full year. So this break I took a little trip to see what Phila was all about. I’m an artist so I travel everywhere with a camera. Thought I’d share some of my favorite snaps with you from this trip ( a few more to come!) I am promising myself to really teach myself to learn how to correctly use my digital camera. Hope you like these! What I wore: black booties (with an insanely pointy toe that my dad insist look ridiculous but I cannot stop wearing) , leather leggings, a long silk tank, cropped gray turtleneck sweater (not tight enough to be one of those hipster versions though don’t worry), the camel colored coat I have been living in all winter, black aviators, and a huge black bag so I can fit my camera of course. Oh and a neon beanie complete with ball on top. { links below }

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