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{ art wall }

October 31, 2014

dallas1906 dallas0258 dallas0261 dallas0263

I have been getting many questions about the little pack of framing you spotted on this previous pink bed post, as well as Instagram. It’s a collection of some of my favorite things I that had lying around the house. I thought I’d help you make your own art wall, here’s how I did it:

Start with a grouping of frames,  I actually prefer that these don’t need to match and are just complementary in color, so that you can always add another framed when needed. Find some “artwork”. You may have one or two pieces you’ve been looking to hang. A piece of my work maybe 😉 ? Start there and find some items that visually work with it. Then, the fun part.  The glory about mixed frames is you can begin with one on the wall and hang the rest wherever they feel balanced around it! I hate nothing more than measuring, so I especially enjoy this process.

My collection includes a black and white abstract oil painting by Yours Truly, Art, a greeting card, a handmade envelope that Angela Allen made for me, a postcard, an honest and fair appraisal of my appearance”  from The Bumbys, and the fortune from the cookie that was with our Chinese food the night we decorated the full room.

Have some style/ decor questions? Tweet ’em to me.

{ leave your mark }

October 30, 2014

red hair Inspiration for DKNY Leave Your Mark
Most of you know this, but for those of you who are new readers and followers, I am very fortunate to call PR powerhouse, Aliza Licht of DKNY, a friend and mentor. She was the very first person in the fashion industry to believe in what I am trying to build as a fashion illustrator and the first one to support it. That was almost 7 years ago and to this very day, without her support and encouragement- I’d be jobless. So today, sending some support her way.

Aliza’s book Leave Your Mark is available for pre-order at Barnes & Noble and iTunes.

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{ free people frosted fairisle cardigan }

October 29, 2014

free people 1 free people 2 free people 3 free people 4

Stopped by Terrain at Styers for my weekly haul of succulents, pumpkins and flowers. Because of the chill in the air, I was finally able to slip on my Free People Fairisle Cardigan.  I was so drawn to this sweater because of the awesome the color combinations.  And, that green is just an odd, but gorgeous shade.  I feel like I am going to be wearing this sweater/ jacket alllll season long.  I also broke in my newest OTK beauties from Free People. I just love the chunky heel. To finish off the outfit, I added some Otte faves including these jeans and the Olive Alexis hat, and my J. Crew boyfriend tee (if you don’t have one now, buy a million because they’re amazing), and of course, some jewels.

{ reece blaire }

October 28, 2014

rb1 rb2 rb3 rb4

Keep your baubles stacked.  Basically a motto of mine, and conveniently it’s also the motto of my new fave jewelry brand, Reece Blaire  Their bracelets are perfect for stacking into an instagram-worthy arm party.  Reece Blair specializes in druzy stone jewelry, which I cannot stop gravitating towards.  They also work with other semi-precious stones to create pieces that are classic with a modern flair.  And you cannot beat the price point, especially for druzy stones!

{ Lula Bracelet } {  Ana Bracelet } {  Anna Claire Bracelet } { Draper Necklace } { Claudia Earrings } { Poplin Earrings } { Ellison Bracelet } { Em Bracelet } { Kate Bracelet }

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{ dallas shaw picks: fragrances }

October 27, 2014


I never intended to have a full selection of perfume bottles to choose from in the morning. In fact, I was always the girl who had two bottles of perfume: One for spring/summer and one for fall/winter. It was that simple.

That changed when few years ago when I began to work more closely with beauty companies and found myself surrounded with beautiful bottles and intoxicating scents on an average work day.  I began deciding which fragrance to wear in the morning instead of just a ” quick spritz” before I ran out the door. I would treat myself on a trip by buying myself a full bottle of perfume, and placing it on my vintage mirrored tray in the closet. And now, I have a collection of beautiful gold, glass, sunlit bottles on that tray that also acts as a strong decor piece.

Every morning, before the work begins, I visit this collection on the mirrored tray. Some days feel sweet, some feel strong, and I leave the house feeling just that extra bit of confidence. I now believe a scent impacts your thoughts and actions and these days I never begin a day without fragrance. Think of it as like a little touch of luxury to end a mundane morning routine.

I also often give fragrance as a gift. I never did in the past because I assumed that if you didn’t know what type of scent the receiver liked, then the gift was a waste. And now, I couldn’t disagree more. I buy full bottles as gifts as a way to introduce friends and family to try new scents and collect little luxuries that they can live in. Today on the blog I’ve compiled a list of my absolute favorites so you can begin a collection of your own. Trip to London? Bring home Burberry. Heading to NYC? E&J all the way. And don’t worry, I’ve made sure I picked the bottles that will look best on your mirrored tray.

{ pinterest picks: dude }

October 24, 2014

james dean stacked shirts Tidus for dream-celebs.org backpack pea coat Sneaks

Trying to fix up your dude’s wardrobe?  Or just want to gaze at some beautiful dudes (hey Leo, JT, Hemsworth bros)?  Make sure to check out my page all about the dudes on Pinterest.

And all the products are shoppable, perfect time for holiday shopping.

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{ my pink bed }

October 23, 2014

masterbedroom0009 masterbedroom0014

When Rue Magazine showed photos of my home, the one thing I was asked about most? “That pink bed.” And I’m pretty certain you’ll be shocked at where it is from.

The custom salmon-colored bed is from none other than…Target. That shocks most since everyone seems to be mislead to think that showstopper pieces aren’t available in highly accessible stores.  I mix a lot of high end and low end pieces throughout my home, so Target has always been a favorite stop of mine when I need that perfect accent piece.  Now that I found the bed of my dreams there, I’m sure I’ll be visiting even more than usual.

I know what you are thinking, “pink?”. I was just as hesitant as you might be. While I love the color, I’m not into anything overly girly, so I decided to find a way to make it work. With the help of Safavieh I surrounded the bed with masculine furniture. More on that next home post.

{ Upholstered Pink Bed }

{ Target }

{ be aggressive }

October 22, 2014

dolce & gabbana dg 2 dg 3 dg 4 dg 5
On a recent trip to see my friends at Century 21, I stumbled upon the most beautiful vest I had ever seen. I am petite (5’2″) so for me it multitasks as a vest/jacket/powersuit.
I have worn it with ripped denim and a tee shirt, black leather leggings and booties, and even over a maxi dress. And to think, I was so hesitant about buying it because of the price. It’s the only thing I want to wear these days.  The masculine cut and black fur give me the extra boost of confidence on meeting days. What really sold me is that the back looks like a tuxedo vest.
I know you’ve been spotting this necklace all over my Instagram (here and here), and get ready to see it more because I’m living in my Alexis Russell Lariat necklace.

I haven’t found anything else like it since then, but I did see a number of black suiting vests and I feel like you could get the look by adding a black fur stole/scarf. I’ll provide the links to those for you here, because all of my powerhouse readers need this.

{ workhorse jewelry }

October 21, 2014

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with f2 preset wh1 (2) wh2 (2)

 I stumbled across the Workhorse Jewelry website accidentally during research for a design project and, just like that I lost an hour of my design time perusing the site. I had been saving pins and trying to figure out how to narrow down “all of the things” when they emailed me! Fate.

I own A LOT of jewelry, but I find I’m wearing their pieces most right now. I gravitate toward their combination of mixed metals and unique design, presented in a delicate way. I know you’ll love this line so to make your shopping list even easier  I’ll share my top ten in this post.



 { Cupid Necklace } { Daya Bracelet } { Shania Ring } { Belle Earrings} { Yumiko Ring } { Sheridan Bracelet } { Virgina Rings } { Eike Ring } { Una Bracelet } { Burke Necklace }

{ Workhorse Jewelry }



{ fishtail with a twist }

October 20, 2014


Fishtail time. I’ve been pulling my hair back more lately, mostly because I have been drawing and just need it out of the way. But this week I’m vowing to swear off the top knot.

And even better – sharing Lucky Mag’s tutorial right here so we can all fishtail together:

fishtail 2

{ Fishtail Tutorial }

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