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{ valspar paint }

August 30, 2014

valspar-1 vsp1 vsp2 vsp3 vsp4

So you guys might remember this color I was obsessed with last week, well I found out the way to use it and see it alllll the time.  Where you ask? They say the most used rooms of your house are the bathroom and kitchen, and seeing how I don’t really cook too much (my health kick includes take out, okay), I chose my bathroom! I collaborated with Valspar to use the Cocoa Berry color from that’s available at The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware to style my bathroom.  I love it so much that I’m purposely going in there more often just to stare at it.  If you visit my house, I will force you to look at this gorgeous color, so be prepared.

And can I tell you about The Paint Studio?  It was like shopping for makeup.  There were small samples, Valspar Color Guarantee, great salespeople—wait this was actually better than shopping for makeup.  The people at Ace were soo nice and really helped me find the paint color that matched my crazy color obsessed description. Don’t believe me?  Check out their Helpful is Beautiful campaign.

Want to have your bathroom (or any other room) look like mine?  Peek at the links below and make sure to visit The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware (tell them Dallas sent you).

 { Valspar } { The Paint Studio at Ace Hardware } { Helpful is Beautiful }

psst. Did I also tell you that from now until September 1st, you can visit Ace Hardware to save $5 on Valspar Optimus or Valspar Aspire paints?

{ free people shoes }

August 29, 2014

freepeople2_copy_2 freepeople4_copy_2

 Yep.  I’m wearing boots.  I know Labor Day Weekend is this weekend and all, so technically it’s still summer, but you can’t blame me for wanting fall so I can live in these Free People boots.  But really, why wait?  See how great they go with this dress (also from Free People)?!

Check out the new FP shoe collection, and believe me, you’ll be praying for Fall to come so you can wear all of your new Free People shoes.

{ Fleet Mid Boot } { Victor Victorian Dress }

{ Free People Shoes }



{ if i stay screening }

August 28, 2014

ifistay1 ifistay2-1

Remember last week when I asked you to help me decide what to wear to the movie “If I Stay” screening? I took your advice; went with black and made some small adjustments 😉  I was so excited when I was invited by Refinery 29 and Warner Bros to be the guest host for the NYC screening of “If I Stay”.  I quickly called up BCBG to get me dressed up, and then grabbed my long time friend Natalie to be my date!
And boy, did BCBG Max Azria hook me up.  I went with a high waisted jumpsuit that had short shorts and a lace body that peeks out from under the crop top. I paired it with matching lace heels, and broke that up with an oversized blue blazer and a stunning clutch (all by BCBG). I felt 100% myself when I hit the red carpet for photos (that was reeeally fun) so for all of the guidance, I thank you!
We arrived at Sunshine Theater just as the sun went down to check out the scene.  After red carpet pictures, as the guests took their seats, I stayed behind to talk with the real stars of the evening Chloe Grace Moretz, and her co-star Jamie Blackley. Both were charming, well dressed, and had a swarm of fans in the house for extra support.  Then, Natalie and I grabbed some popcorn and headed to our seats, a few more photos en route (of course) and then settled in to watch the film.
The author, Gayle Forman was also in house so there was quite a buzz that night.  Don’t want to spoil the movie for you, but what I can say is, it’s a beautiful movie about family, music, loss and really takes you back to that amazing feeling of young love. As an artist, I also thought it was beautifully cast and filmed with coloring to match strong emotion. I encourage everyone to see the movie as soon as you can. Wear waterproof mascara.
And decide for yourself what you would stay for…

(I’d stay for lasagna.)

{ Blue Double Breasted Jacket } { Lace Peplum Romper } { Lace Heels } { Clutch } { YSL Orange Lipstick } { Dior Waterproof Mascara } { If I Stay Book } { If I Stay Movie }


{ Dallas Shaw picks: linge shoes }

August 27, 2014

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 After pinning thousands, really thousands- look, of photos of ballerina’s and tulle on my pinterest page, I decided I needed a new pair of house slippers. House slippers/ Ballet Slippers/ tomato/ tomahto. I haven’t worn ballet slippers since I was a kid and forgot just how comfortable they were. I wear them every morning and each night around my house and I even ventured out in them last week- wore them over to the If I Stay screening because we had a few blocks to walk and I didn’t want to “heel it”.
I chose the classic nude for twirling around my office and next one my list? Black. So I can wear them in and out of my yoga classes. What color do you like best? I kind of like the caramel and teal as well. Maybe I need a full collection.

{ ligne ballet shoes }

{ dwell studio urchin lamp }

August 26, 2014

livingroom0002 (2) livingroom0003 (2) livingroom0004 (2)

I know a lot of amazing people through social media since a large part of my career is online. One of those people I have the pleasure of e-chatting with here and there is Christiane Lemieux, the creative director at Dwell Studio. Staying in touch with her has always driven me to check the site more frequently than many other home sites.  I am glad I did just before the Rue Magazine shoot, otherwise I wouldn’t have found my DREAM LAMPS!

Okay, I know- who talks about lamps? Me apparently, because I ordered a pair of gold Urchin lamps immediately and they have been all over my twitter page, instagram feed, and now here on the blog. These caught my eye and I knew they would be perfect for the living room (or bedroom, or console).  I finally decided to place them in the living room, and they sit just higher than my couch which is perfect because the best part about these babies is the gold on the inside of the shade.

Statement lamps exist- and you’ll need two.

{ Dwell Studio }

{ Gold Urchin Lamp }

{ sleek & sultry }

August 25, 2014


The sleek wet hair look is in.  I haven’t tried it, yet, but this look may convince me.  Surely that gorgeous makeup doesn’t sync with the whole “I just got out of the shower” look, but it’s so pretty I think we’ll all make the exception.  Use these products below to fully get the look.

{ Anastasia Contour Kit } { Oribe Foundation Mist } { Redken Water Wax } { Narsissist Smokey Eye Kit }

{ Dallas Shaw Picks: Nicole Miller Artelier Karina Dress }

August 22, 2014

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I have been working with the lovely team at Nicole Miller as of late, who introduced me to Nicole Miller Artelier.  When they sent this dress over, I wasn’t sure my 5’2″ self could pull it off, but the print was so beautiful and the fabric ( “powernet fabric” ) was something I have never seen or felt before. I called the team who told me it is meant to sculpt the body- and that is when I decided to try it for a day of meetings.
I’m an artist and I don’t have any other dresses like this in my closet. It’s sleek, fitted, and somehow very sexy even though it reaches my knees. I paired it with black sandals, an orange chain clutch they made for me years ago (I just thought it complimented the pattern well) and then added a Lulu Frost necklace, so it would feel more fun than corporate. I added some red lipstick for extra “power”. Could this dress be the reason my meetings went so well? Most likely.

nmartelier{ Karina Dress } { Serge Lutens Ultimate Red Collection Lip Palette } { Lulu Frost Big Bang Necklace } { Sophie Hulme Zip Pouch with Chain } { Julep Maven Coco Nail Polish } { Rebecca Minkoff Caesar Booties } { Dior Diorblush Trianon Edition }

{ have you been keeping up on instagram? }

August 21, 2014

Lulu FrostBCBG Laduree Harem for Blog Let It Be Illo

Here’s a recap of my Instagram in the past week.  It’s been crazy so far, but it’s about to get even more nuts. With NYFW verrrry quickly approaching, make sure you follow along to have real-time updates from my very busy week (shows, parties, meetings, outfits, pretty spaces and most importantly SHOES)

Have you been Keeping Up with Dallas Shaw (kind of, not really like the Kardashians) on Instagram?

{ Dallas Shaw Instagram }

{ ink }

August 20, 2014



Ink is in.  For a while, when it came to dying clothing or fabric, it seemed like it was tie-dye or bust.  Luckily, shibori is becoming a new trend in dying and it translates well on clothing and in the home.  Indigo is the “in” color for ink dying right now, and isn’t it just gorgeous on that sofa?  If you want to try out Indigo dying for yourself, make sure you buy the kit and show me your creations!  If the idea of dying fabric scares you, just head to the store and buy some already dyed things (cough like that pillow or pouch).

{ Hand-Dyed Anthropologie Sofa } { Zip Pouch } { Splatter Bowls } { Faded Ikat Rug } { Indigo Dye Kit } { Grid Shibori Pillow }

{ Stamped Dot Duvet Cover }

{ TWN: Pretty Pastels }

August 19, 2014

TWN Pastels

For some reason people only seem to think that pastels are for spring.  I’m here to tell you, BREAK THE RULES.  Pastels can be an anytime color.  So, whip those pastels back out and let’s make an outfit, okay?  Here’s what you’ll need to conquer pastels right now:

{ Bobbi Brown Sand & Surf Eye Palette } { Open Tie Back Terry Tank } { Eloise Mini Drops Earrings } { Pastel Stretch Bands } { Art Youth Society Gold Triangle Ring } { Tibi Katia Faille Full Skirt } { Birkenstock Gizeh Sandals } { Wildfox Twiggy Sunglasses } { Mini Structured Handbag } { Dior Diorlisse Abricot Nail Polish } { Deborah Lippman Blue Orchid Nail Polish }

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